Wow – what great customer care!!

I’ve just had my car washed in my favourite car wash and it made me think how this car wash business has grown and what they have done to make it so successful. Today was a sunny day and there were 8 cars queuing up to be cleaned. As I joined the queue I noticed how quickly the men were working on the cars. They all knew their roles exactly, they worked methodically and quickly and they worked quickly. Their job was to get you through the car wash, shine and polish as quickly as possible with a perfect experience.

This group of guys took over the car wash about 6 months ago after the original people gave up on it as they couldn’t retain customer loyalty which is one of the key pillars of a successful business.

I hadn’t used the car wash previously as I had been informed that it wasn’t that good and they didn’t clean the cars thoroughly. When I saw the new management sign go up last year I thought I would give it a go. Wow was I impressed!

First of all they introduced a loyalty card system which gave you a free car wash when you’ve had 5 washes. They’ve pitched the price of £5 just right to justify the great wash and wax they deliver. I use my free wash for a car valet every 5 weeks. I wash my car weekly then have a treat of a full interior car valet every 5 weeks – yes you guessed it a full car interior car valet is £5. This is great value and I see many people have a car wash, wax and interior valet for £10.

What I love about this place is the extremely high standards they have. They want the customers to recommend others and to do that the customers have to be delighted with the standard of wash, wax and dry.

They have a series of stages they go through systematically to make sure the cars drive away gleaming.

  1. They spray the whole car with a cleaner to dislodge grease etc
  2. They then jet wash the entire car going under the car where they can to remove salt. They even ask you to roll forward about 2 feet to turn the wheels so they can clean them properly
  3. Next they have two great big sponges with soap and they hand wash the whole car
  4. They use a different sponge for the wheels as there is more dirt and grit in those
  5. They then walk round spraying the whole car (except the windscreen to allow the wipers to work properly) with wax
  6. Then they jet wash the whole car again
  7. You then drive to the next station where a couple of men take the excess water off with a specific type of cloth
  8. Next they use dry cloths to dry the entire car including both sides of the wing mirrors
  9. They then walk round the car looking at all angles to check the car is entirely dry
  10. There is what looks like the boss who comes round for a quick check and will tell the newer workers to wipe a tiny area which isn’t completely dry as he knows the importance of an exceptional experience
  11. Next they open each door and wipe all the way round each door and the car sill
  12. They do the same for the boot
  13. They then come with a sticker to add to your card and an air freshener
  14. They then smile as you drive off

They have something great going on here. They are very hard workers but seem to enjoy it. I have been so impressed that I suggested my fiancée Julie had a go and she said it is an amazing experience.

People come back time and time again and they have built up a great loyal customer base which is the bedrock of any thriving business. They have done this by giving customers an experience they want to repeat and share and I for one wouldn’t go anywhere else to have my car washed.

As I queued up with other cars I counted 10 workers busy working away doing the best job they can and I was happy to wait a little while because they won’t cut corners to get you away quickly as they know it’s what the customers think when they get home and check the car that really counts.

As always stay positive in all you do


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