"A FEELING of trust in one's abilities, qualities and judgement"

When we say Confidence, we don’t mean the show off kind of confidence where ‘look at me, aren’t I great’ oozes out, but it’s the quiet inner confidence that allows you to perform really well under pressure.

Your body language, your behaviour, how you speak and how you react to different situations can often portray to others how confident you are and how much belief you have in yourself. Those with confidence are generally more positive about themselves, whereas those lacking confidence often think negatively.


Confidence is a great personal resource which enables you to face any situation knowing you can handle it.

Without confidence, any situation has the potential to be a threat. Confidence comes from a feeling of self-belief that develops from inside you.

Self-belief is how you think about yourself, the opinion you have of yourself. If you have low self-belief, you tend to have negative thoughts and focus on what you think your weaknesses are.

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent


Self-belief is essential: how many things have you not done or tried because you lacked belief in yourself?

Your level of self-belief can be solely due to your own temperament, but negative experiences in childhood can contribute to feelings of low self-belief. People who have been abused or neglected in their childhoods, or who feel they have not lived up to their parents’ expectations often have low self-belief. Other things that can also affect it include poor physical health, trauma and social exclusion.

Self-Doubts can often creep into your mind, such as:

simple 3-step process to becoming more confident...

There is a very simple three-step process to the confidence formula and I will share this with you right here, right now. The following technique works best if you do this about a week before the pressure event you are working towards. The more you practise these techniques before the event, the better you will perform


Step One: Visualisation – Inside your body

You see yourself in the situation where you are going to perform under pressure from inside your body. This means that if you are preparing to make a presentation to 20 people in a boardroom setting, in this first step you see them in front of you in clear detail. You see them as you would want them to respond to the best presentation they have ever seen. You see them smiling at the right times, very attentive, nodding in agreement, looking at each other with that knowing look of ‘this is good.’ They may be applauding at the end and shaking you by the hand when it has finished.


Step Two: Visualisation – Outside your body

Next you see yourself from the other people’s point of view. You see yourself standing up and performing really well. You are speaking perfectly, all the words are coming out well, and your body language is positive with calm, open gestures and a confident posture. You see yourself looking great, really healthy, full of energy, and you can see that you are enjoying this. You are dressed very smartly, you are calm and you have great composure.


Step Three: Inner Voice

The inner voice is that very powerful self-talk that can make or break us. We all have an inner dialogue that never ceases and it can be negative or positive. If your inner voice is positive, you will perform well. If it is negative, you won’t. The inner voice is like the rudder of a ship; it is only very small and mainly unnoticed, but it has the power to steer your life.

By controlling your inner voice you can change the way your respond to many things. The more positive your inner voice becomes, the more positive your outlook will become.


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Feel overwhelmed? feel stressed?
feel out of control of your thoughts and emotions?

If you ever feel like this, or you have family, colleagues or employees that feel like this, it’s no surprise. It’s more common than ever that you feel these emotions at times in your life.

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According to a report by the CIPD stress continues to be one of the main causes of short- and long-term absence from work

Overall, nearly four-fifths (79%) of respondents report some stress-related absence in their organisation over the last year (9% don’t know), although this rises to 91% of organisations with more than 250 employees.

COVID-19 is among the main causes of stress at work…

Workloads remain by far the most common cause of stress at work, followed by management style, as in previous years. The COVID-19 pandemic has created additional causes of stress, which also feature among the top causes of stress at work. As in previous years, relationships, at and outside work, are also commonly blamed for stress, as are personal/health issues.


There are many ways in which we can take more control of our thoughts, feelings and emotions through Mental Resilience and controlling our Mindset.

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