Controlling your mindset and developing Mental Resilience, can change your life and the lives of people around you.

Scientific Evidence Behind the Power of Positivity and the impact of having MENTAL RESILIENCE.

For some people who have embraced the principles of Mental Resilience, they need no evidence of its real and true power. For others, it can seem hard to believe that simply the way you think can have a direct impact on your mental and physical health and your material world around you.

Mental Resilience can change your Mindset, Health, your Life
and the lives of people around you.

We now have the science to back up the impact a “positive” mindset can have on you, your health and your life. The opposite is true, therefore, and we can also see the evidence of what effect a “negative” mindset can have.

Mental Resilience results in a mental change first and then a real physical change to our lives or our particular situation. The key here is that it all starts in the MIND.

The Doctors, Scientists and the Data Gives us the Clear Picture...

From this data, we can see that negative thoughts and emotions create erratic heart rates and they can lead to very different “performance” outcomes or feelings. 

Steady, calm heart rates can lead to Coherence (Positive Emotions, Appreciation, Love, Care) and the results of this are Optimal Performance. The opposite of this is erratic and fluctuating heart rates leading to Incoherence (Frustration, Anxiety, Worry and Irritation) and therefore Impaired Performance.

Neuropsychologist Rick Hanson, Ph.D., a Senior Fellow of the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, and New York Times best-selling author, says that when we experience uplifting emotions such as gratitude, joy, compassion and love; our heart rhythm pattern becomes highly ordered, looking like a smooth harmonious wave.

It’s no wonder that positive emotions feel so good. They actually help our body’s systems synchronise and work better.

When we experience uplifting emotions such as gratitude, joy, compassion and love; our heart rhythm pattern becomes highly ordered, looking like a smooth harmonious wave


We have seen one of the most devastating impacts on our Mental Health in our lifetime during 2020 from the societal restrictions put upon our lives and the massive illness and death across the World.

There is a clear problem around the world related to the economic, social and health challenges from Covid-19.

According to HR News in September 2020, a survey carried out by mental health organisation, TalkOut, has discovered that 56% of UK workers haven’t received any mental health support or advice from their employer since the pandemic hit in March. Source: HR News article published Sep 15, 2020.

The study – which surveyed 1,500 UK workers – also found that 68% of respondents had felt anxious and apprehensive about returning to work, while 35% said that their mental health is worse now compared to before the pandemic.

There is a clear problem around the world related to the economic, social and health challenges from Covid-19.​


of respondents don’t think mental wellbeing has been their employer’s priority during the pandemic.


56% of UK workers haven’t received any mental health support or advice from their employer since the pandemic hit in March


Despite this significant increase in anxiety amongst UK workers, only 44% of employees have been offered some sort of mental health support or advice

Another very detailed study from Harvard analysed data between 2004 to 2012 from 70,000 women enrolled in the Nurses’ Health Study, a long-running study tracking women’s health via surveys every two years. The study looked at the participant’s levels of optimism and other factors that might play a role in how optimism may affect mortality risk, such as race, high blood pressure, diet and physical activity. 

They found that amongst the 70,000 women, the ones that were more optimistic had a significantly reduced risk of dying from several major causes of death over an eight year period compared to the women who were less optimistic. 

 “The most optimistic women (the top quartile) had a nearly 30% lower risk of dying from any of the diseases analysed in the study compared with the least optimistic (the bottom quartile)”  The most optimistic women had a 16% lower risk of dying from cancer, 38% lower risk of dying from heart disease, 39% lower risk of dying from a stroke and 52% lower risk of dying from infection. 

In this positive thinking study, published in March 2016 in the Journal of Behavior Research and Therapy, researchers from Kings College in London tested 102 subjects diagnosed with anxiety disorder.

They asked one group to visualize an image of a positive outcome to each of the three worries they’d had in the past week, another group to think of verbal positive outcomes and the last group to visualize any positive image whenever they started to worry.  The two groups that visualized a positive image, whether it related to a specific worry or not reported greater happiness, restfulness and decreased anxiety.

Researchers, led by Dr. Segerstrom at the University of Kentucky, analyzed over 300 separate studies in the previous 30 years within the psychological community of the effects of stress on humans and concluded that when people face a stressful situation, they get a burst of adrenaline that boosts their immune system and helps them to better deal with the immediate situation. But, over time, if they continue to stress about an event, their immune systems break down, causing illness, depression and anxiety disorder. If you can’t change your situation, change your thinking about it.

The Mayo Clinic published some findings in February 2017 with some 4,500 physicians, scientists and researchers sharing their expertise along with another 58,400 administrative and allied health staff. They sited The Health Benefits of Positive Thinking and listed what they believed were the benefits that Positive Thinking may provide.

They were:

1. Increased Life Span.

2. Lower Rates of Depression.

3. Lower Rates of Distress.

4. Greater Resistance to the Common Cold.

5. Better Psychological and Physical Well-being.

6. Better Cardiovascular Health and Reduced Risk of Death from Cardiovascular Disease

7. Better Coping Skills During Hardships and Times of Stress.

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