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Coaching is now recognised as one of the most effective professional development interventions. The role of an executive coach is to help a client achieve professional and personal ambitions by honing their performance. Those with high resilience and self-motivation benefit the most.

Until only a few years ago, it might have been seen by many in the business world as a sign of weakness to be assisted by a coach — an indication that an executive had many challenges that needed to be overcome.

But these days, it indicates a serious corporate player, someone who is valued by their employer — much in the way an elite athlete is honed and sharpened by a personal trainer.

Studies show coaching “improves the health of people, wellbeing and work satisfaction, performance and self-regulation”. Coaching also has a small but significant calming, balancing and responsibility-enhancing effect on personality.

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Is Executive Coaching for you?

What is Executive Coaching?
An executive coach is a qualified professional that works with individuals (usually executives, but often high-potential employees) to help them gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve their development objectives, unlock their potential, and act as a sounding board.
Who is Executive Coaching For?

Companies used to hire executive coaches to fix broken executives. Today, companies hire executive coaches to invest in the personal and professional growth of their current and future Executives . Having a Coach has become a key part of a high-performance toolbox for accelerated personal and business success.

What do Executive Coaches Do?

Executive coaches provide a confidential and supportive sounding board for their clients. They ask questions, challenge assumptions, help achieve clarity, provide resources, and yes, sometimes, with permission, provide advice.

'To live a happier more fulfilling life, coaching is the key.'

The Confidentiality of Executive Coaching
Conversations between a coach and their client are completely confidential. If an organization is paying for the coaching services, they may receive periodic status updates (dates, milestones achieved, etc.), but nothing else is shared without the participant's permission.
Where Executive Coaching Happens

In this present climate Zoom and Teams video coaching sessions are proving to be just as effective as face-to-face sessions. The pandemic has changed the way that many of us work and this is one example of the benefits of this lockdown.

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Executive Coaching Programmes.

The Executive Coaching Programme

6 x1 Hour LIVE Online Coaching Sessions with John

Each Session is Followed up with a Summary and Action Points

Ongoing Telephone and eMail Support

Signed Copies of John's Two Books ‘100 Days’ and ‘Off the Wall’

A Leather Journal to Record Action Plans from the Sessions

The world famous MTQ48 Mental Toughness Assessment before and after the coaching sessions to demonstrate the effectiveness of the sessions

Some areas covered in this programme include:

1. Clarifying current position and challenges
2. Identifying areas for improvement
3. Agreeing a clear picture of the future
4. Improved Mental Resilience
5. A better understanding of the mind
6. Increased resilience to recover quickly from setbacks
7. Improved time management skills
8. A more resilient ‘can do’ attitude
9. Ability to maintain a positive mindset even in tough times
10. Improved ability to handle stress
11. Ability to relax and unwind
12. The power of the Eisenhower Matrix
13. The understanding of the Inner Chimp
14. Effective Mind Control
15. The difference between head and gut decisions
16. A better work/life balance
17. The ability to switch off
18. Effective sleep techniques
19. Increased ability to make tough decisions
20. Better control of thoughts
21. Improved confidence
22. Identifying the highest energy times
23. Increased motivation
24. Improved focus
25. Increased Self-Belief
26. An improved Inner Voice
27. Increased energy levels
28. Understanding the power of Visualisation
29. Learning new Mindfulness techniques

John's Coaching Philosophy

“Building total trust and great rapport are essential to a successful coaching relationship. This bedrock of trust allows both the coach and the client to be truly honest during the sessions. Going deep is sometimes needed and is often the time when breakthrough comes. I also believe that the sessions should be 100% confidential and enjoyable. I believe in a non-directive coaching approach, helping my client reach their own solutions by using carefully crafted questioning to get to the core of the challenges they are facing.”

About Executive Coach John Dabrowski

John is a former international basketball player who still holds the British record for the most points scored in a single match. He is a published Author, International speaker, and Global expert on Mental Resilience. He has spent over 40 years in the business world, putting him in a unique position to deal with contemporary business challenges. His mix of vast experience allied with an accomplished ability to make personal growth simple, has inspired coaching clients, and made him a most highly regarded and sought-after personal growth expert.

MTQ48 Profiling

Licensed and Accredited MTQ48.
John Dabrowski is licensed and accredited by the developers of MTQ48 to administer the profiling system and to work with the candidate through the results and coaching recommendations delivered. There is a very strong link between Mental Toughness and issues of Stress Management and Peak Performance Development and Behaviour.
These are all interrelated.
How Does MTQ48 Profiling Help?

• Why is it some people handle stressors, pressure and challenge well and others don’t?

• Can we measure where people have strengths and weaknesses in these matters?

• Can we do something to improve “mental toughness” in people to improve their performance?

• Can we evaluate the effectiveness of interventions which are all claimed to be effective?

The MTQ48 Concept.

Initially, this concept and the measure was applied mainly in the occupational world – looking at developing employees and managers to perform effectively, especially in challenging environments (e.g. emergency services) and in adverse circumstances, (e.g. the 2008/9 economic downturn). These are obvious applications for mental toughness and MTQ48.

The POWER of MTQ48 Now Used in Occupational, Education, Health, Social Work, Sports Industries
Mental Toughness and MTQ48 in now used in a wide range of applications. Mental Toughness is a concept with a universal application. We now find major applications in Education, Health, Social Work, Sport & Care as well as in occupational settings. This model and measure is in use in more than 80 countries around the globe.
MTQ48 measures four key components of Mental Toughness:
• Control – extent to which you feel in control of your life and emotions

• Challenge – Identifies the extent to which people see challenges, variety, problems & changes as opportunities or see these as threats

• Commitment – the extent to which someone makes promises and commits to deliver what has been promised

• Confidence - Identifies the extent to which people have self-belief in their abilities and the confidence to deal with setbacks and oral challenge

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