Amazing Book Launch plus Nottingham Sports Awards

What a week since the last blog! My book ‘Off the Wall – How to Develop World Class Mental Resilience’ was launched last Saturday to a packed house at Waterstones Nottingham and on Thursday evening I presented an award at the Evening Post Nottingham Sports Awards. Who would have thought that at the sprightly age of 61 I would be recognised as a celebrity!

Last year I was a guest of my good friend Serena Humphrey owner of F Word Training and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. It was my wife Julie who told me that she could see me on the stage one day presenting an award and this got me thinking. I thought about what I had achieved as a basketball player and that I was born and bred in Nottingham so I thought why not put myself forward.

Some Achievements

I had played for England in the Commonwealth Games and all over Europe. I also played professionally for Sunderland where we won the Play Off Finals in 1981 in front of 10,000 spectators and live BBC TV coverage. I still hold the British Record for the most points scored in a single match which is 98 points. So I contacted the organisers Champions (UK) plc and with some encouragement from Serena I was informed that they would be happy to have me present an award.

During the evening I was introduced to the audience numbering about 600 and it was quite surreal but very exciting. Later in the evening I was introduced to take the stage and said a few words then presented the award for the Community Team of the Year. There were many sporting celebrities there on the night presenting awards, and it made me feel good to be part of the occasion. The event was run extremely well by Champions (UK) plc who are clearly experts at this.

Happy with me

The good news is that they were very happy with my performance and have asked if I will be available to present an award next year to which I have agreed. They put Julie and I in a beautiful hotel for the night and the whole experience was amazing. It just goes to show that sometimes in life we need to take some action to make things happen. I could have just ignored the thought and the effort needed to chase this opportunity up but I chose to put the work in the make it happen.

We sat on a table hosted by the sponsors of the Community Award – International Design Company Benoy, who were great hosts and great company. The evening flew by and I took in the feelings I was experiencing throughout the night for future visualisation.

Book Launched

The book launch at Waterstones was an equally amazing event with a full house of just over 100 people in attendance with a fabulous atmosphere and great friends in the room. I was amazed and very pleasantly surprised that so many turned up as it was raining and the town centre on a Saturday afternoon not the easiest place to get to. But turn up they did and made that day one of the best in my living memory.

It was up there with winning the Play Off Finals with Sunderland because this was something I never believed in a million years that I would one day achieve. Not only do I have my first book in print but the launch itself was fantastic. The applause I received at the very beginning was so loud and long that it is something I will never forget.

My worst subject

Many know that English was my worst subject in school and a subject I have never studied yet I now write a weekly blog and have written my first book – and there are more on the way in the future! It just goes to show you what potential we all have within us which lies undiscovered until we unlock it.

Passion is a key word – if we can find something we are passionate about we will achieve great things. Passion overcomes procrastination and the fear of hard work. It generates motivation and drive, and all high achievers have utilised Passion to reach their goals and dreams.

5 Star review

I have received my first 5 star review on Amazon and you can find my book in paperback and Kindle here:

If anyone reading this hasn’t yet got their copy and would like a signed copy with a personal message from me will you please go to the link below to receive free postage and packing. When you click on the Buy Now button you will be prompted to enter a code and if you enter Free15 I will take care of the cost of postage and packing for you.


So it’s been an amazing 7 days in the life of a 61 year old who is just warming up in his new career. I can’t wait to see how far I can go in the business of speaking, training and coaching over the next 19 years. With my wife Julie supporting me, my sister Chris running the office and a great group of support people I have a fabulous team behind me.

Tips for the week

• Have a think what you have been avoiding because it is just too hard or will take too long
• Pick one thing you have been avoiding and promise yourself that you will tackle this next week
• It is often the very things we keep putting off which will propel us to greater things
• Nothing worth doing is easy but the hard work is always worthwhile
• There is no substitute for hard work- talent isn’t enough
• Nothing of great worth has ever been achieved without hard work
• Pleasure always comes after pain – put the work in first and then enjoy the rewards
• Have a look at your support team and make sure you have all areas covered

Have a great weekend and stay positive

Warm regards


John Nottingham Sports Awards 29.10.15

John Book Launch Waterstones

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