Authenticity – the key to successful presentations

I was told a while back by a Chairman of an Academy of Chief Executives group that authenticity is key to a good workshop or presentation and I never forgot this. He said that the stories I shared from both my basketball and business days were authentic and people enjoyed listening to them and it helped them to engage with me.

Authenticity is a powerful way to gain credibility with your audience as they can sense whether you are being real and whether the stores are truly yours. We have an inbuilt sensor to pick up whether someone is being real and the best way to build rapport and credibility is to tell your stories with genuine recall and reference any other stories or quote to the original source.

This week has been busy and one of the highlights has been a workshop I ran on Mental Resilience for an international company with an office based in Milton Keynes. The feedback I received was very positive with one of them saying the following:

“I’ve really enjoyed the training today, it has been a positive spin on motivation and resilience. I will definitely try to use these methods in the future. The interactive parts + videos really add sense and value to the message Thank You! Ps I love the personal touch + stories, it’s great.”

You can find more details on this workshop here:

This delegate referenced the fact that she loved the personal touch and the stories I shared which are real and personal. Because of this they come across naturally and the delegates just know they are real and this helps to gain credibility and to build rapport.

My weekly trip to London to coach my client was really good fun and effective. I would like to gain more work in London so will be putting that on my Dream Board to see if that can be moved forward.

This coming week is another fun filled busy week with coaching and speaking finishing with a speaking slot at the High Growth Summit on Friday which is something I am really looking forward to. This annual event is one of the best events in the East Midlands for top businesses and I am delighted to be one of the speakers at this event.

Have a great week


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