Change How You THINK, SPEAK and ACT

What a wonderful week this has been with a really great Masterclass for Wolverine Worldwide in London, a keynote talk at the Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce Business Festival and presenting an award at the fabulous Nottingham Sports Awards.

This is the second Masterclass I have delivered to Wolverine on behalf of Live and Learn and this time it was to their finance team. This was a really great group and from start to finish the day was wonderful. The feedback from this was extremely positive and they were a joy to work with.

An honour to speak

The keynote talk at the Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce Business Festival was really fun to deliver and the response was amazing. After the talk I had a book signing and sold over 40 books. The comments I received from people was humbling and I am so privileged to be in a position to inspire and help people.

This was a great event put on by the Chamber and the positive comments were wide and varied. The common theme was that I had a story of pain to share which many connected with and then a happy ending where I have used Mental Resilience Techniques to come through the tough times.

Honesty pays

During my keynote talks and Masterclasses I share very honestly the tough times I have been through and the mistakes I have made. I then share how 5 years ago I discovered the power of Mental Resilience and the techniques I have used to turn my life around from disastrous to wonderful.

The fact that I am living proof of the Power of Mental Resilience connects with people and adds authenticity to my talks and Masterclasses. They can see how applying a few simple techniques has dramatically turned my life around.

What an amazing event!

It was great to meet John Hayes the CEO from Champions the Brand Agency who organise the Nottingham Sports Awards and what a fantastic job they do. I’m not just saying that because John will read this blog but because it is true. This was the fourth time I have presented an award and it is my favourite event of the year!

John said some wonderful things to me and he also said that he reads every one of my blogs and said how positive and motivating they are. He encouraged me to keep writing them and to stay positive.

Volunteers do an amazing job

I presented the Volunteer of the Year award and I spoke about the 10 qualities of a volunteer and how important volunteers are. It was a privilege to be the first person on stage and to have my wife Julie and her identical twin sister Jenny with me on the night. There were many comments of seeing double that night!

Finally, on Friday I met Kcarrie Valentine the Director of the Association of School and College Leaders Professional Development Services to discuss opportunities at their Annual conference next year. This was a great meeting and the perfect way to finish the week.

Am I dreaming?

I often pinch myself to check that I am not dreaming at how my life is turning out. I truly believe that there is real power in the way you Think, the way you Speak and the way you Act. If you think positively and speak positively you start to act positively, and everything starts to change.

It’s a gradual process which takes time, but it is quite amazing to see it happen in your life. I have coached and trained thousands of people with this philosophy and simple techniques and it’s a true joy to see their lives change for the better. Stress is real, and these techniques are an amazing way to handle stress more effectively and to live a happier more peaceful life.

Thoughts for the week.

1. How to you Think Speak and Act?
2. If you start to think more positive thoughts and speak more positive words just watch what starts to happen.
3. Every time you think a negative thought or speak a negative word make a conscious decision to stop and replace it with a positive thought or word.
4. Try this for a week and see what happens.

Well that’s it for this week have a wonderful weekend and stay positive.

Warm regards


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