This week I had the privilege to be interviewed for a Podcast which lasted well over an hour. The interviewer was very kind to tell me how much he enjoyed it and how much he learned during the interview.
I love taking part in online interviews because it allows me to be myself and what is inside comes out. I never plan or prepare for these and let the natural flow take place. What I find is that everything that needs to be said is said.
What you Sow is what you Reap
Some people say that I shouldn’t give away all my techniques and top information in these sessions, but I believe that what you sow is what you reap. So, if you try to help as many people as you can then things will work out well for you.
This week I confirmed a booking for 6 of my New Online Masterclasses for a College in the East Midlands. In February I ran my 2-hour Masterclass for the support staff of this College and the feedback was so good they have now booked me to help their teaching staff online.
Great sessions – excellent value
The great thing about these online Zoom Masterclasses is that up to 100 people can attend each session which makes them extremely cost effective. Also, these can be attended from anywhere in the world whether people are at work or at home.
It is a great way to bring staff together to focus on their personal development and mental wellbeing.
This is the link to more details about these Online Masterclasses:
Inspiring teaching staff
These Masterclasses will be delivered twice a day for three days during the staff training week. The staff will then receive two extremely detailed Action Plans via email to follow for a few weeks to embed the learning from the sessions.
When people attend my Masterclasses, they see the great value of these sessions and I am regularly booked again and again. But those who haven’t seen me don’t know how good these sessions are. I feel a bit like Colonel Sanders who had the KFC recipe, but no one would try it until the 1,009th restaurant said yes, and the rest is history.
You may be intrigued by the title of today’s newsletter Dubai – 9th February 2034. Any ideas what the significance of this date is yet? If you get this right before you read on, then email me for a special prize.
Well the 9th of February 2034 is my 80th birthday and I had a vision this week where I was celebrating this in Dubai. As a wonderful bonus the weather in Dubai in February is perfect.
A special celebration
The celebration of my 80th birthday was conceived about 10 years ago when I started telling people that I will be on stage on my 80th birthday still inspiring people and spinning my basketball. This was still my plan until a few days ago.
Then this week I had a vision about a much better way to celebrate my 80th birthday than on some stage somewhere. I thought about an idea I have had for a long time based on something I read 30 years ago about Tony Robbins who is the number 1 motivational speaker in the world.
Tony Robbins
When he first started in the business he had to start at the bottom and work us way up coaching clients and then the business started to grow. I’m not sure exactly when but there came a time where he held a retreat in Hawaii for a few selected clients who paid a premium rate to spend a few days with him personally learning and developing in a very intimate way.
These people were hand-picked to naturally connect and to inspire each other.
When I was in Dubai in March, I discussed this with my friend Robin Wells who had invited me over to speak to some of his clients. He thought it was a great idea but asked me why Hawaii when Dubai is so perfect.
Dubai is ideal
I thought about this and changed my venue to Dubai. There are some amazing hotels we can select from and the weather is the best in the world with guaranteed sunshine. It is also a very pleasant and easy flight from most parts of the world. At that time, I didn’t have a date in mind.
This week from nowhere I suddenly thought how great it would be to celebrate my 80th birthday running one of these retreats in a wonderful place with amazing people. Spending time with some great people going through the various areas of Mental Resilience in a beautiful, relaxed and intimate atmosphere would be the way I would love to spend my 80th birthday.
It’s going on my Dream Board
So I am sending this out to the Universe and let it start to take shape. This is going on my Dream Board and I will be visualising this every day from now on. Some people call it God and some people call it the Universe, but something starts to happen when you ‘Believe it will.’
I won’t be waiting until 2034 to start these retreats however, I will start running these in a couple of years’ time at various wonderful locations with amazing people where we can all grow together learning new techniques and my very last one will be in Dubai on my 80th Birthday.
Thoughts for the week 

  1. Do you try to help people whenever you can, or do you hold things back?
  2. This week see if you can go the extra mile to advise or help someone.
  3. It may feel like you are giving away your secrets but I ask you to test this.
  4. When I started doing this it felt extremely uncomfortable but as I carried on, I noticed how many good things were happening in my life.
  5. What you sow is what you reap – this week sow some good seed. 

Well that’s it for this week have a wonderful week, stay safe and keep Believing.
Warm and healthy regards

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