Hard Work and Integrity

This has been an interesting week coping with the hot weather and following up potential clients where I have shared my latest feedback from recent Masterclasses and talks. The amazingly positive feedback I am receiving is quite remarkable and gives me great joy.

This week I received a referral from Germany where I ran my 2-hour Masterclass in Dortmund a few months ago which was organised by my great contact Marcel Deveraux. This was an exciting trip and the feedback from this Masterclass was very positive.

Keeping in touch

I kept in touch with four people from this Masterclass and one of them has this week referred me to their UK operation for potential work regarding Mental Resilience. This is a huge organisation and is exciting potential. He gave me a glowing reference and I have now set up a Skype call with a director from this organisation.

What is interesting is that I kept in touch with my contact in Germany and contacted him a few times over the past few months – it was my latest email to him which triggered the referral.

Hard work feels good

I have learned over the past five years that good old-fashioned hard work is important in achieving fulfilment and contentment. There is nothing quite like the feeling you experience after you have completed a good day’s work.

When I experience this, I really enjoy my evening where I can switch off completely and enjoy a meal with Julie then watch some TV. The key thing here is that I really enjoy the hard work as well as the rest in the evening. They are both important to living a content life.

I came across this article in ‘Word for Today’ regarding hard work and fulfilment which is interesting:

Hard Work and Integrity

In ‘The Finishing Touch’, author Chuck Swindoll tells about a man he met who made a great impression on him:

‘With a grin and a twinkle, he whipped out his hand. It was a hand you could strike a match on, toughened by decades of rugged toil. “You look like a man who enjoys life. What do you do for a living?” I asked.

“Me? Well, I’m a farmer from back in the Midwest.” Swindoll asked him, “What did you do last week?” He said, “Last week I finished harvesting ninety thousand bushels of corn.” I then blurted out, “Ninety thousand! How old are you, my friend?”

He didn’t seem at all hesitant or embarrassed by my question. “I’m just a couple of months shy of ninety.” He laughed again as I shook my head.

He had lived through four wars, the Great Depression, sixteen presidents, ninety Midwest winters, who knows how many personal hardships, and he was still taking life by the throat. I had to ask him the secret of his long and productive life.

“Hard work and integrity” was his quick reply. As we parted company he looked back over his shoulder and added, “Don’t take it easy, young feller. Stay at it!” Hard work and integrity!

Those two qualities go together and are the essence of a life well-lived. And when you practise them faithfully, you experience the highest level of joy and fulfilment in life.’

Fascinating thoughts.

What an interesting article and this is where I would like to still be in 15 years when I am 80. I want to still be making a difference and impacting people’s lives in a positive way. I love working hard and I love relaxing – this way I can be happy and content most of the time. I actually experience joy from working hard which is amazing.

Thoughts for the week.

1. What do you think about hard work?
2. Do you give it your all or do you just do enough to get by?
3. There is a unique feeling of satisfaction when you work hard.
4. All successful people work hard even sports superstars.
5. Embrace hard work and see how you can start to enjoy it.

Well that’s it for this week have a wonderful weekend and keep Believing.

Warm regards


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