How to Overcome Fear

I came across this article recently regarding fear and how to overcome it and it reveals some interesting thoughts about fear and how to control it.

“Yesterday AND tomorrow both clamour for our attention. Yesterday wants us to second-guess our decisions and worry if we did the right thing. That’s wasted energy. As President Harry Truman said, ‘If you’ve done the best you can – if you’ve done what you have to do – there’s no use worrying about it because nothing can change it.’

And tomorrow can also cause you to miss opportunities. Let’s face it, most people arrive at a different destination in life than what they expected – some better, some worse, but all different. So, focussing on the destination isn’t necessarily a good idea. Besides, tomorrow may come, or it may not. There are no guarantees.

The Here and Now

The only place you really have any power – is in the present. Do what you can in the here and now despite your fear and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re doing everything within your power to reach your potential.

If you project too far into the future, you’ll suffer from the ‘what if’s?’ and your fear runs wild. American author Mark Twain quipped, ‘I’ve been through some horrible things in my life – a few of which actually happened!’

Fear or Faith

Every day fear and faith will rise inside you, and you get to decide which one will prevail. Somebody wrote, ‘Two natures beat within my breast; one is foul the other is blessed. The one I love, the other I hate; the one I feed will dominate.’

Fear and faith will always be present in your life, and the one you feed will come out on top. You can’t expect fear to simply disappear. If you focus on your fears, entertain them, give in to them, they’ll increase.

Starve them

The way to overcome them is to starve them. Don’t give them your time or energy. Don’t feed them with gossip, negative news reports, or frightening films. Focus on your faith and feed your mind with positive thoughts and images.”

Working on the business

This week I have been able to spend some time relaxing as well as working on my business not in my business. I have been developing my marketing and website and have contacted a new category of business which I believe will benefit from my Mental Resilience training.

I have received several emails thanking me for my weekly blog and daily posts which I am grateful for and this makes me realise that I am touching people by simply writing a few words on a weekly basis.

Thoughts for the week.

1. Are you aware that Fear and Faith require the same amount of energy?
2. If you work on developing your Faith things will start to change for the better.
3. Thinking about yesterday or tomorrow can drain your energy.
4. The only power you have is today, so use it to change your tomorrow.
5. Catch yourself being negative and change your thoughts to positive using gratitude.

Well that’s it for this week have a great weekend and stay Positive.

Warm regards


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