I Get Married Today!

Wow I can’t believe the 18th months have gone by so quickly since I asked Julie to marry me and she said yes!

It has been a wonderful journey and we have arrived at the day of destiny where our lives are changed forever. She is a beautiful gentle person with a heart of gold. We get on so well and I believe we are going to have a very good marriage.

As I got dressed this morning I noticed the picture frame I have attached and remembered what the significance of this frame is. About two and a half years ago I bought an empty picture frame with the intention of visualising a wedding photo filling that frame. Every day I would stare at the picture frame and visualise myself and my bride happy and married.

Over the months the picture started to take shape until I could see the shot of us smiling and happy once that had happened I didn’t need to do it anymore and I let the law of attraction do the rest.

When I started this process there wasn’t anyone in my life but I just simply believed that if I kept positive and imagined that one day I would meet and marry the woman of my dreams then with God’s help this could happen.

Something else I did, again about two and a half years ago, was to ask Barry my good friend whether he would be my best man as I was going to get married again. He immediately said yes not realising that this would become a reality. I again kept a positive mindset and through the law of attraction Julie was brought into my life.

I continue to visualise having achieved the 24 things I have on my Dream Board – things like funding an orphanage, flying in a helicopter over Victoria Falls and speaking in Dubai. When some of these things come to pass it gives me the faith to believe that if I continue to visualise achieving these, many will come to pass.

It’s now 9am as I write this blog and I get married at 1pm. An hour ago I didn’t have my speech written – it is now. I am looking forward to this life changing day and then having my first holiday in 7 years as we fly off to Sharm El Sheik on Monday. I have vowed that I will have at least one holiday a year from now on because I coach my clients to take holidays – to recharge the batteries and stay healthy and I haven’t been taking my own advice.

I still have a lot to do today so I will keep this blog short but it has been a pleasure writing these weekly blogs as a single man and it will be even better as a married man.

What do you want to achieve in your life? Albert Einstein was a great believer in visualisation and he said, “Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” He was an amazing man and he created everything in his mind before it became a reality.

Have a wonderful weekend and the next time I blog I will be a married man!

Warm regards


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