Keep Calm and Keep Going!

This week has been amazingly busy with a huge challenge to co-ordinate talks in Tunbridge Wells, Nottingham and London. On Monday I travelled to Tunbridge Wells to deliver my Mental Resilience Masterclass the following day to staff of the council on behalf of Live and Learn.

Because of the huge traffic problems on the M25 I don’t drive back home in rush hour as the journey could take up to 5 hours, so I stayed over a second night and travelled back on Wednesday morning. This works so much better as the traffic is fine and I can rest and recover at the same time.

A busy week indeed

I had time on Wednesday afternoon to prepare for my delivery to the Post Graduate students at Trent University Business School which I was delivering from 10am to 12pm on Thursday. I then had to catch the train straight after the presentation to get to London for a full day delivery to Wolverine Worldwide an international client on behalf of Live and Learn on Friday.

This whole week took a great deal of planning to make sure I had all the correct workbooks printed off, action plans, feedback sheets, presentations prepared, all equipment required, my basketball, my books, basketball stress balls, suitcase packed etc.

Keeping calm really works

This could have been overwhelming, but I kept calm and carried on until it all came together. I am pleased to report that the whole week was a great success all three Masterclasses went well without a single hitch and the feedback was really positive from all three.

It is encouraging to know that the Mental Resilience Masterclass is receiving very positive feedback – consistently. I feel a bit like KFC’s Colonel Sanders when he was travelling around the USA trying to get chicken fryers to try his recipe.

His recipe was amazing, but no-one knew how good it was. Eventually people started to try it and the word spread – the rest is history.

The best things in life take time

Not enough people know about my Masterclass and how effective it is. One of the Post Grad students came up to me at the end and said that what he had just heard could affect the rest of his life. He came back a second time to tell me again – it was very emotional.

The progress I have made over the past few years has been really good so if I Keep Calm and Keep Going then more and more organisations will hear about the impact of these sessions and I will have the joy to change the lives of more and more people.

I came across this true-life story of inspiration recently:

Janitor to Principal

In November 2013, Gabe Sonnier was made the principal at Port Barre Elementary School in Port Barre, LA.

Sonnier’s 30-year ride from janitor to principal began in 1985 when the principal at the time, Westley Jones, told Sonnier he should be “grading papers [rather than] picking them up.”

Sonnier said no one had believed so strongly in him before, so he took Westley’s words as inspiration. At 39 years-old Sonnier began spending all of his free time studying.

He worked hard for his dream

“I would come to work at like 5 in the morning and leave at 7 [am] and go to school all day and then come back and finish up my eight hours of work here, and then go home and do homework,” Sonnier told TV station KATC.

Sonnier eventually got his teaching degree, his first job as a teacher, his Master’s Degree, and now he’s the principal.

Sonnier advises others to think bigger: He credits Westley Jones’ support and mentorship with inspiring him to get his dream job. Encouragement is a powerful force. A force that Sonnier and his students are thankful for.

What a great story of inspiration and how working hard and believing in yourself can create an amazing life.

Thoughts for the week.

1. Do you panic when you are faced with an overwhelming situation?
2. Do you find it hard to stay calm and keep a cool head?
3. It is a fact that when you have negative emotions you can’t function well mentally.
4. You must remain calm to achieve the results you want.
5. This week when you are faced with any pressure make a conscious decision to stay calm and take one step at a time.

Well that’s if for this week, have a wonderful weekend and stay positive.

Warm regards


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