Mental Health in the Legal Profession

"Law firms need to ensure the mental wellbeing of their lawyers and staff"

What would it cost your firm if a fee earner was off with stress for just ONE day?

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According to The Law Society Gazette, the Legal profession is seeing a huge impact on the workplace since the COVID-19 pandemic started. The crisis has disrupted the workplace like nothing before. 

“As has been well documented, stress, depression, and anxiety, costs businesses almost 70 million days off sick, and UK employers £26 billion every year through lost working days, staff turnover and lower productivity according to the Centre for Mental Health. Simply put, law firms cannot afford to not care right now…”

This article highlights the reason the Legal Profession is in great need for Mental Health, Mental Resilience and Positive Mindset support in the workplace.

The qualities such as high achievers, high grades, drive, attention to detail and resilience mean that law firm workforces are potentially at greater risk of burn-out, susceptibility to mental illness and feeling overwhelmed.  

Progressive , modern, people focused Law Firms need to take Mental Wellbeing in their staff seriously and invest in helping support the entire team especially at this particular time. 

We have worked with one such Law Firm in the Northeast of England Muckle LLP and you can read below about the recent mental resilience workshops we delivered and the feedback from the team.

Read the full Law Society Gazette article here.

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Muckle LLP Case Study


“Muckle LLP, a highly successful Commercial Law Firm based in Newcastle upon Tyne. From our home here in the wonderful North East of England we have built a national reputation.  Not only for providing the best advice and service we possibly can, but also for doing it with a personality, enthusiasm and attitude that’s very much our own”


Jason Wainwright, Managing Partner, Muckle LLP said…

“Thank you so much for the Emerging from Covid online Masterclass. It was absolutely brilliant and such a helpful reminder of how big a part mindset plays and how we can change and influence how we think about things. It’s the best feedback we have ever had to an outside speaker and was greatly appreciated by everyone, Thank you again”

What did our 'Emerging From Covid' Session Cover for Muckle LLP?

Online Mental Resilience 1 Hour Masterclass

This online Masterclass is specifically designed to help people deal with the stress induced by Covid 19 and how to emerge from it with a more positive growth mindset.

The mind is the most powerful entity in the world, and it can control how we respond to situations we experience. This Masterclass demonstrates how we can change the way we process negative situations. 


Two people experiencing the same negative situation can respond in totally different ways. The one with the positive mindset will thrive while the one with a negative mindset will potentially dive into a spiral of despair. 

Masterclass Content.

Online 1 Hour Masterclass for up to 100 people

  1. John’s inspirational story.
  2. Study of a Motivational Speaker with an amazing story of self-belief.
  3. Evidence of Optimism.
  4. Evidence of Positive Self Talk.
  5. Incredible story of adversity driving success.
  6. A practical exercise demonstrating the power of Mindful awareness.
  7. Understanding the benefits of Positive Thinking.
  8. Mindfulness Practical Exercise.
  9. A study of an incredible Olympic story of perseverance.

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