Lewis Hamilton lucky or great Mindset?

It was the day before the 2011 British Grand Priz at Silverstone. While Sebastian Vettel was surrounded by a sea of microphones and a cacophony of sound, some 20 yards away Lewis Hamilton was imparting his thoughts to a small, motley crew of British journalists.

With Vettel so much in the ascendancy, Hamilton already appeared to old news. The question had to be asked. Did Hamilton fear he would never win another world title? Without missing a beat, he said “No way. I just don’t believe in that scenario. I’m only 26, I’m hardly a geriatric. I have some peak years ahead of me. Yes it would suck if I only ever won one world title. It would feel like the years had been wasted. But I’ll tell you one thing. This story isn’t finished by a very long way.”

And with those powerful closing words began the journey to his magnificent achievement of becoming one of the few drivers to have ever won more than one world title.

The above is an excerpt from one of last week’s Sunday newspapers the day Lewis won the world title. I believe that those positive comments from deep within him were the starting point to the his amazing comeback over the past season.

Yes he has one of the best two cars on the circuit but he still had to beat his team mate Nico Rosberg who has an equal car to him and also has that famous German mental steel and yet Hamilton beat him to the world title.

The mindset is key to achieving things we desire in life. We can visualise the outcome we want to achieve and this somehow helps to bring about the outcome we desire. I remember telling people that one day I would play basketball for England and even though at that time I couldn’t see how it was possible a few years later I was playing for England.

Several years ago I told people that I would be speaking on a cruise liner in order to have a free holiday and two years ago I had the pleasure of speaking on a two week Fred Olsen Caribbean cruise which was amazing.

‘What you see and what you say it what you get.’ Meaning if you see it in your mind before you see it in reality and tell yourself and others that you will achieve what you see you will bring that thing closer to reality. Not all the things that I visualise come to fruition but I’m staggered by the number of things which do appear in my life.

In the London evening standard this week the following article appeared on Lewis and his victory.

‘Lewis Hamilton believes his frayed relationship with Nico Rosberg acted as a springboard to his world championship success, in particular the pairs coming together at the Belgium Grand Prix.

Hamilton’s Formula One title hopes looked in disarray following an on track collision with his Mercedes team mate, which left Hamilton with a puncture and eventually led to his retirement and a 29 point deficit. From that point, the Briton turned the championship on its head, going on to win six of the last seven races to beat Rosberg in a nail biting title race.’

Rosberg admitted after that collision that he deliberately hit Hamilton to take him out and I wonder if the law of attraction worked against him for that negative act?

So how does your mind work when things aren’t going well? It’s easy to be positive when things are going well but it’s in the tough times that winners keep positive and learn from those times. We really can achieve amazing things if we just believe we can and keep moving forward towards our dreams.

Live the Dream


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