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What a fabulous week this week has been. It has continued to be busy but the level of clients I am working with is rising. On Monday, I met with a solicitor firm to discuss possible work together, on Wednesday I was in London as part of a group of Mental Resilience experts working with an international brand, then on Thursday I was working with a staff member from a large company working on their Mental Resilience.

It gives me great joy to help people and my company allows me to do this for a living. How amazing is that? I spend all day seeing how I can help individuals or groups of people to live more productive and happier lives. The Mental Resilience techniques I share really make a difference and what a great way to live my life.

Seeds take time to grow

Of course, running a business which is now international is challenging and takes a great deal of Mental Resilience. There are times when you feel the seeds you are sowing will never grow but then out of the blue several seeds suddenly sprout. In my case this week I found out that the MD of the large company I have been working with (who I have never met) is a big fan of mine.

This came as a real shock as I heard this information being relayed to me. Apparently, this MD follows me on Twitter, reads my weekly blogs and has viewed my videos on YouTube. He loves my philosophy and everything I teach on Mental Resilience. I was absolutely gob smacked to hear this and I felt really good to know that without my knowledge I was having an impact on someone.

The impact you have may be unseen

Then I received an email out of the blue from someone I helped a couple of years ago. He told me that he had read my book several times, recommended to others and that he was now running his own business. I love the fact that these two examples could be just the tip of the iceberg regarding the impact my book and my blogs are having.

The time in London was surreal. I was with a group of experts in the field of Psychology and Mental Resilience and I felt completely at home. I gave my opinion on many areas during the day and the day was a great success, according to the chair of the group who flew in from Paris to run this focus group. I was paid for this as an expert in the field of Mental Resilience and we met at the Royal College of Physicians which was a wonderfully grand building.

Dying on stage

As an author and international speaker in the field of Mental Resilience I use all the techniques I teach to ensure that I maintain a positive mindset regardless of the circumstances I face each day. I believe that it is very important to feel good as much of the day as possible and I use reframe and gratitude techniques to help me with this.

I remember three years ago I was busy speaking at Rotary Clubs across the region completely free of charge. I remember one evening where I gave it my all speaking to 8 Rotarians who had an average age of around 75 – and three of them slept through my entire presentation! I remember driving home at 10pm at night in the rain asking myself why I was doing this!

You must keep going!

Regardless of my feelings of devastation I kept pushing for more and more of these meetings so that I could practice my speaking. Time and time again I would be driving home dismayed but deep down I knew I needed to practice speaking and I should take whatever opportunities I could find to do so. Time and time again I would speak free of charge at a Rotary Club and wonder what I was doing.

Then the seed sprouted! I was contacted by the area governor for a Rotary Region and I was asked to speak at their Annual Convention being held in the North West of England. I was told there would be around 650 people present in the theatre and they paid me a handsome fee for the privilege.

Feel the Fear and do it anyway

This was very exciting yet a touch scary as well. But I have learned a great Confidence Technique which I share in my Masterclasses and I knew that by using this technique I would be fine and deliver well. To add pressure to the event I asked my video company (AV productions) to come over and film my talk.

Talk about extra pressure! I would now have my talk recorded warts and all. I used the confidence techniques to ensure that the talk would go well and I’m pleased to confirm that it did. The two cameras captured the audience as well as my talk and Brett and his team did a great job editing the talk into my Show Reel which just over two minutes long.

If you haven’t seen this here is the link:

Thoughts for this week.

1. You must put the hard hours into anything worthwhile – it may seem like nothing is happening but if you keep going you will see the results
2. There may be times when you want to give up, but if you do give up you may never fulfil that dream you have
3. There are thousands of inventions which never came to market because the people gave up just before the breakthrough
4. Seeds take months to germinate in the ground, then they suddenly pop up. The seeds you are working on may take longer than you wish but the wait is worth it
5. Everything worthwhile takes time – so hang in there

Well that’s it for this week.

Until next week have a great weekend and stay positive.

Warm regards


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