Mental Resilience for Unprecedented Times

It seems incredible how much has changed in the last week. When I landed from Dubai on Monday the country was a completely different place to the one we are living in right now. Pubs, Theatres, Leisure Centres, Gyms, Restaurants, Cinemas and Cafes all closed and Leicester Square a ghost town this morning.

It is easy to very quickly lose hope and become depressed with this situation and that is something I am going to help with next week. I am working on something specifically to help maintain a positive mindset during these troubled times.

This is my area of expertise

I am fortunate to be a Mental Resilience expert, which is one of the most sought-after areas in the present climate. I am using all the techniques I have developed over the years to stay positive and to keep my mind focussed on the future not the present.

Like all speakers and trainers, I have lost a huge amount of business and all the clients I have been developing for future business are now on hold. I’ve been working very hard developing new clients over the past two years and all the work I have put in is now on hold for many months and could be lost forever.

It’s not what happens but how you respond

This could lead me to many negative thoughts which could allow me to slip into a negative downward spiral but that is not happening to me. I have identified many positives in this very negative time, and this has helped me stay positive with high energy.

Just a few weeks ago I was enjoying the best start to the year I had ever had with business being fully booked all over the world for 6 months. Things were opening up in many different areas and it was finally really taking off. Then the virus hit, and everything changed.

It’s what you focus on

I could focus on the devastation we are witnessing or I could focus on the business success I had before this virus hit and realise that this is just a delay and once under control my business will take off again.

What we focus on is what we feel. If I focus on the news and the negativity, I won’t have the energy to do the things I need to do while I have time on my hands. Things like developing a second Masterclass, voicing my book Off the Wall and publishing on Audible, writing my second book which is now happening as we speak.

I’ve been through tougher times than this

I have been through very tough times in my past and each time I have survived. When I look back these are the times where I have grown the most – so I am embracing this present time to grow, change, learn and thrive. I believe that we can come out of this better as we adapt to the new world we are living in.

There will be more detail next week of what I am working on to help you if you need some resilience during this time. We don’t need time management training or leadership training at this time, what we do need a way to see the positive in the negatives, and a way to keep our energy levels up.

We need hope and we need to believe that this too will pass. We need to believe that we can get back to thriving and succeeding and living a content life.

Thoughts for the week.

  1. Are you finding it hard to see any positives in the current climate?
  2. Are you living in fear right now and can’t see a way out?
  3. What you focus on is what you feel – there is a direct connection between thinking and feeling.
  4. If you think of something positive you will feel good and if you think of something negative, you will feel bad
  5. When you are positive you have high energy when you are negative you have low energy.
  6. This week even though it is very difficult try to list down as many things as you can which are good about your life and observe how you feel when you do this.

I am already excited about next week’s blog where I will be able to share the details of what I am working on to help you come through this current situation and this will be available across the world from the safety of your home.

Well that’s it for this week have a peaceful and safe weekend and keep Believing.

Warm regards


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