It’s never too late to get it right!

I’ve had a wonderfully busy week this week with my regular coaching trip to London a meeting with one of the top speakers in the UK Phil Hesketh and a speaking engagement at the Rotary Club of the Vale of Belvoir.

It takes time to build a business but it’s nice to experience the tipping point where things start to happen and you can see great things ahead. Three things have happened this week which have made me think wow – this is another level.

Firstly I coached my client in London and hoped to meet with the CEO of the company after the coaching session. Not only did I meet him but we went out for lunch and I had 90 minutes of his time to get to know him and to thank him for his business. I found out the next day that he has commissioned me to run some more coaching sessions which gives me the chance to make a difference. This is a top company in the financial square mile of London which has several offices across the world. I am excited about the potential with this client.

Secondly I received an enquiry on my website to speak at a convention next year for an organisation which represents a lot of businesses so the potential for more work is good following my key note talk. The committee met to discuss me and my areas of Communication Skills and Motivation and gave instructions for the general secretary to contact me to see if I am available to speak next year. We are discussing fees and details but it’s nice that my name is getting out there.

Thirdly I spoke at the Vale of Belvoir Rotary Club and enjoyed the meal and talk. The response afterwards was very positive and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Today I have just received an e-mail from someone connected to a member of the Rotary Club to ask if I am available to speak at an evening dinner with an inspirational talk. This came in just before I started writing this blog and made it three rather than two things this week I am grateful for. I am available on the date given and will be discussing fees with them.

I am 60 years of age and yet I’m as excited as I was when I was a teenager starting my basketball career. I should be moving towards retirement but I’m not! I’m on a 20 year plan to motivate and inspire people to achieve more than they could ever believe. With a positive mindset, some good techniques and a Dream Board of all the things I and Julie (my fiancée) want to achieve in the next 20 years I am set on an exciting adventure to see what can be achieved with the right mindset

In the past 12 months I find it hard to believe how much has been achieved with my business and in my life personally. It is exciting and challenging and tiring and amazing. I have found the woman of my dreams at the age of 60, and together we start this new adventure!

Have an amazing week

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