Never Underestimate the Impact You Make

We are having a great time here in Dubai, where I have been working more than I originally expected but that is great news. We have met some amazing people and the staff at our hotel the Hilton Doubletree have been so warm and friendly. They have made us feel so welcome and have stopped by each day to ask how we are doing.

I spend a lot of time in the lobby working on my laptop between meetings and presentations and they are constantly stopping for a quick chat and bring me fruit juice without me asking. General manager Sherif and his team provide a first-class service, and I can see how the Hilton group has becomes so successful with over 3,500 hotels across the world.

A Bell Boy with a Dream

While I was sitting working away on my laptop a bell boy came over and said “Welcome back Mr Dabrowski.” I didn’t recognise him so we had a nice chat and it turns out that he had read my book which I had left with Sherif when I met him last May. I gave Sherif several copies and he left one of the books on the check in desk for anyone to pick up and Kevin the bell boy chose to pick it up.

Kevin Ntabo who is from Kenya proceeded to tell me how much he enjoyed the book and how helpful it was for him. He told me that he had read it several times and had found the principles contained in the book so helpful. He also told me that the fundamental keys in the book had helped him get through a difficult time. This really touched me as he was extremely grateful for the book and how much it was helping him.

He is already fulfilling his dream

He then shook me by telling me he owns 3 barber shops in a town near Nairobi in Kenya called Karen. He owns these shops and plans to have more. He is in Dubai to get a visa and to develop certain skills to fulfil his vision then next year he is going back to set up more shops. His shops are called Kevicab and they look amazing from the pictures he showed me.

This made me think about the impact we all have with the words we speak and the actions we take. We don’t know what impact we are having as we go about our work. It may be a word of kindness which leaves an imprint on someone or a word of encouragement which lifts someone and makes their day.

Lift people whenever you can

I love to do this daily – wherever I go I like to lift people with words of encouragement as I understand the power of the spoken word. We can either be a positive influence on people around us or a negative influence. We can either light up a room when we walk in or we can darken it. I don’t know about you but I would rather be a light giver than a light sucker.

In my case I want to lift people and make them happy. I am very privileged to have a company where I spend my days sharing positive techniques to help people live happier more successful lives. It has taken me 59 years to discover the key principles I now teach which can change people’s lives.

It’s never too late to get it right

I am known for the phrase ‘It’s not how you start in life which counts, but how you finish.’ This means it is never too late to get it right no matter what state you are in. I saw a video about 3 years ago which changed my life and in this video they stated that you could create your own future. These words hit me like a ton of bricks and at first I doubted them. I was at the time running my business but I didn’t have many clients and was decorating to pay the bills.

But I challenged my belief system which was telling me that it was circumstances which determined my future not me! I started to think about this and I looked at the evidence this video was showing me. They talked about visualising the future you want and to speak positive words continually. They talked about maintaining belief that you can succeed and to never give up.

These principles do work

So, I tried to apply these principles, slowly at first then more and more, and slowly but surely things started to change. Before my eyes the clients started to come in and I found that I was more positive during the day and this positive attitude gave me more energy so I got more done and it became an upward spiral.

Fast forwarding 3 years I have a healthy growing business and this is my third trip to Dubai this year and I am speaking with large corporate clients and have been paid to speak in Dubai. This is real and only three years ago people were laughing at me when I told them that I would be working in Dubai – at the time I was decorating with a couple of small clients.

My advice to anyone reading this is to challenge your belief system if you don’t believe what I am saying in this blog. Your belief system may be real to you but it may not be real. You may have confirmed it to yourself so many times that it has become your reality. Challenge your belief system and see what difference having a positive disposition has on your life over a period of time.

Thoughts for the week

1. Are you an energy giver or an energy taker?
2. Do you light up a room when you enter, or do you darken it?
3. You can change the way you live by changing the words you speak.
4. If you want to make a positive change to your life, you need to change your inner voice and the words which come out of your mouth.
5. You can create your own future!

Well that’s it from Dubai – I’ve had a positive meeting this morning and now Julie and I are off to the Shopping Mall to have a look around.

Until next time have a lovely weekend and stay positive.

Warm regards


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