Stay in the Game till it’s Over

This week has been really good fun where I met an international connection for Malta, had a great conversation with an international speaking agency and then spoke and judged at the Professional Speaking Association (PSA) East Midlands meeting.

It was amazing to be a judge for the Speaker Factor which is a competition for new members of the PSA where they each speak for 5 minutes against other entrants. The winner then goes on to eventually speak at the National Conference against the other regional winners.

A very special memory

This was very special for me as I entered this competition 7 years ago and won my regional heat, I then spoke at the National Final in London. Unfortunately, I was pipped at the post as I was told it was between two of us – still it was a marvellous experience.

After judging and the winner being announced I delivered a keynote talk to the group which went down very well and made me realise just how much I have come on in the last 7 years. It is a case of never giving up and staying in the game to the end.

I came across this article in Word for Today which sums it up beautifully:

Stay in the game till it’s over

“Author Jon Gordon says: ‘There was a time [as children] when we jumped from the jungle gym and went on roller coaster rides. No goal was unattainable. Then [when we grew up] the doubters dissuaded us from going after our dreams…

“You’re crazy…it’s too hard…play it safe…dreams weren’t meant for people like us.” They instilled their insecurities in us…and with so many people saying we can’t…and so few saying we can, we let fear into our lives.

We’re so scared of losing what we have that we don’t go after what we want. We hold on so tightly to the status quo that we never experience what could be…I call this “playing to lose”. We see it in sports.

When a team has the lead, they start thinking about how not to lose instead of how to win. They play safe and scared while the other team takes chances, plays without fear, and wins.

Living a life [of faith] means overcoming fear and adopting a “play to win” mindset…one that says even if you do fail you won’t give up or let your dreams die. Success isn’t automatically given to us, it’s pursued with all the energy and sweat we can muster.

Obstacles and struggles are part of life…they make us appreciate success. If everything came easy we’d never know how it feels to succeed. Obstacles were meant to be overcome.

Fear was meant to be conquered. Success was meant to be achieved. They’re part of life, and those who succeed refuse to give up till the game is over.”

I continue to dream

I’m 65 years of age and this month I receive my first pension payment which is amazing as I have never felt better nor more passionate for what I do. I am carrying on to at least 80 years of age and now thinking about 85.

I love what I do and how I am impacting so many people in a positive way. The momentum is building, and I can only imagine what the next 15-20 years will bring.

Next week I am delivering 4 Masterclasses to three different organisations and I can’t wait!

Thoughts for the week:

1. How do you feel about obstacles you face on a daily basis?
2. Do you see them as a hindrance and negative or a challenge to overcome?
3. How you respond to obstacles determines your outcome.
4. See them as part of life and you will start to win.
5. Above all stay in the game till it’s over! Don’t give up before you break through!

Don’t forget that I love to hear from you so just reply to this message and I will get back to you personally.

Well that’s it for this week have a wonderful weekend and keep believing.

Warm regards


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