The Sherpa and the Earthquake

I really enjoy researching inspiration stories from around the world which encompass mental resilience and all the positive attributes associated with that. Today I have an account of someone who was faced with a tragedy and he chose to stay and help those around him.
He could have gone home to be with his family, but he saw the great need around him, and he chose to stay and make a difference. These people have something special about them where they put other people first and it is a wonderful thing to see.
The Law of Attraction
What you sow is what you reap, and I believe that every time we do some good, we are rewarded in some way. This is not the reason behind these wonderful actions, but it is an inevitable result of doing good. It may not be obvious at the time but somewhere down the line something good will happen.
The Sherpa and the Earthquake
“Nuri is a Sherpa who has spent his life helping climbers from all over the world hike the mountains of Nepal. When the earthquake hit Nepal in April 2015, Nuri was helping Don Bowie and his team climb the Annapurna Circuit.
News spread fast of hundreds of villages flattened or decimated by the earthquake, villages nestled deep in the mountains that were cut off from any supplies. Bowie’s team decided to remain in Nepal and help where they could.
Though Nuri’s own home had been destroyed, and he longed to be with his family, he chose to stay and join Bowie’s team in their efforts to help the World Food Programme provide humanitarian relief.
The Larke Pass is a passageway that used to provide access to these isolated villages before it was cut off by a landslide. Nuri and the crew worked for three weeks to get the Larke Pass open for supplies, then prepared mules for the long journey to bring WFP food to remote villages. 
The team trekked through cold temperatures and low oxygen — and 5,100 m altitude! — to reach village after village. 
They were completely self-sufficient, carrying their own food, equipment, and medical supplies on mules. With every stop on their journey, they assessed the needs of the community and relayed them via satellite phone back to WFP’s operations team.
Nuri is one of thousands of people doing their part to help Nepal following its devastating tragedy.”
Unsung heroes
There are millions of unsung heroes around the world helping people in need. We never hear about their work, but they do this because of something inside them which gives them compassion for the unfortunate and disadvantaged.
I am also convinced that these people sleep well at night knowing that what they do makes a huge difference. Helping others is one of the best ways to achieve peace and happiness. There is a unique feeling you experience which you cannot experience in any other way.
Mental Resilience
Mental Resilience isn’t just about bouncing back from adversity it is about living a fulfilled, content, purposeful, and happy life. One filled with good relationships, good health, and a good reason to get up each day.
These people have found a purpose in their lives to make a difference and to impact people’s lives in some positive way. The financial rewards may be low, but the emotional rewards are high. They have found their purpose in life and are living it.
Thoughts for the day

  1. Are you happy, fulfilled, peaceful and content?
  2. If you aren’t maybe finding a way to help those in need could be a missing link.
  3. Look around you and see where there is a need. It could be a neighbour who needs some help or a local charity who require a volunteer.
  4. If you haven’t tried doing something for someone without any payment, maybe you could try it and see how you feel afterwards.    

Well that’s it for this week have a wonderful weekend and keep Believing!
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