This is Why I Do What I Do!!

A couple of weeks ago I received this email from a school head of year and the contents of this brought a tear to my eye. When I write my blogs, or deliver my talks and Masterclasses, I often wonder what impact they are having. Then I get an email like this which makes it all worthwhile. I have taken out names to keep this confidential.

Good morning John.

I am sorry that it has taken time for me to respond to you. I was really impressed with your presentation to the students at our school. You were a breath of fresh air at a time they were feeling tired and stressed about their upcoming exams. The students felt that their exams went well and they were all in good spirits for their Prom.

However, your presentation also had an impact on me. I have thought about and used some of your techniques in my role as Head of year. I am also in the process of reading your book. I find each chapter inspiring and extremely helpful.

The other evening, I had to deliver a presentation at a parent’s assembly. I took on board some of your advice and had the presentation planned and practiced (and changed several times) a week before the evening.

As an introvert, I expel a great deal of energy when I present which can leave me very tired afterwards.

I also get very nervous as well. However, I thought about some of the key phrases you use, in particular ‘I am going to enjoy this’ and ‘I am excited’. I thought this is a great opportunity to go out there and enjoy it. I really did enjoy it and it was a great success. The parents were engaged and thanked me on their way out.

In the past I have had similar evenings but it felt different this time. I felt confident and I felt good afterwards.

On a different note, I love reading the stories you send out each week. I think about them during the week and share them with my students. This week’s one about helping Mrs Nat King Cole is excellent.

Thank you

This stuff works!

This makes it all worthwhile. I have had a few of these recently and they are increasing in frequency which means the message is getting out there and these techniques really work!! The techniques I teach are simple but very effective to change thinking, speaking and ultimately actions.

I have had a wonderful week this week taking a few bookings and preparing for an important Mental Resilience Masterclass to a large organisation on Monday. Momentum is building and the key is to keep working hard and never give up – because the best is yet to come!

Thoughts for the week.

1. Do you sometimes wonder if what you do is making a difference?
2. If you do then maybe it’s just that you haven’t had the feedback yet.
3. Don’t give up because you don’t see the results just yet.
4. If you work hard on the right stuff the results will come!

Well that’s it from a lovely tea shop in Derbyshire, where I have enjoyed writing this week’s blog and remember it’s never too late to get it right!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Warm regards


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