Visualise the Outcome You Desire


This week has been a challenging and interesting one as I had a meeting in London for potential international work with a training company, a keynote talk at a Sports Awards, three coaching sessions and lots of work filling the pipeline with potential clients.

I took a big risk agreeing to the movement of the meeting in London from Wednesday to Monday as I had already committed to the Keynote talk at the Sports Awards that evening and I had to be there as I was the main speaker. I had received an email from the company based abroad to tell me that the director who was flying in for the meeting couldn’t make the Wednesday and could only now make the Monday instead.

Tough decision to make

This gave me a difficult decision to make as this meeting could lead to work abroad and so was a very important one. But I had already committed to the keynote talk in the evening and it would only take a problem with the trains for me to miss the keynote talk.

Sometimes in life you have to make tough calls and this was one of them. If I were to turn down the meeting in London I would miss this window of opportunity and I would forever wonder what I missed by not going. So I made the decision to attend – I got up at 4am to catch the 5.30am train which got me into London for 7.30am which allowed maximum time for any train delays.

Early start pays off

I then had plenty of time for my motivation and preparation time in readiness for the 11am meeting. The meeting went well and I will hear back from them soon. I then caught the 1.30pm train back to Nottingham and made it to the evening venue in plenty of time to do sound checks and to ensure my slide presentation worked perfectly.

The Mental Resilience keynote was well received and I sold quite a few books too. This included a young man 12 years of age who had a strong handshake which I noticed straight away. He was a very talented footballer and golfer and you could see in his eyes that he had something special within. I signed the book for him and told him that I was looking forward to reading about him in the local papers.

Future potential

It’s time like these which make me wonder what impact my talk and book will have on people like him. I met my uncle when I was 12 years of age and that meeting changed my life. He inspired me with basketball and this lit a fire within me, which resulted in me playing basketball both professionally and for England in the Commonwealth Games.

My dream is that over the years there will be many people of all ages who will be inspired enough to achieve far more than they ever believed possible. This inspires me because if my story and techniques can help people overcome negativity and drive them forward then everything I do has potential long term impact.

Visualise the future you want

My personal phrase is ‘What you See and What you Say is What you Get.’ I needed this more than ever on Monday as the whole day had to go like clockwork. During the entire day I didn’t allow a single negative thought into my head and visualised a positive outcome. I am a strong advocate of the power of Visualisation and use this every day to help bring good things into my life.

So I spent many times during the day, seeing myself speaking on stage at the Sports Awards and keeping a positive inner dialogue. I saw it vividly and with emotion. I saw the audience and the podium. By visualising this I was increasing the chances of it coming about. Every time I sensed a negative thought coming into my head I dismissed it immediately and replaced it with a positive one.

Massive Turnaround

Two and a half years ago I was decorating full time with one client and this is when I started to visualise the future I wanted. Very quickly the business took off and since then I haven’t decorated once and have many varied clients for speaking, training and coaching. Because of my experience I really believe in visualisation and keeping a positive inner voice.

Tips for the week
1. Consider the phrase ‘What you See and What you Say is What you Get.’ By this I mean whatever you think about and whatever comes out of your mouth is generally what you get
2. Visualise the outcome you want in any situation before you get there
3. Use your senses of hearing, taste, smell and touch as well as sight when you visualise
4. Imagine yourself having already achieved the thing you want – perfectly
5. If you want to know what you are thinking just check how you are feeling, if you feel bad then your thinking is bad
6. If your thinking is bad then think of something good in your life and be thankful for that. Do this for a minute or two and you will start feeling more positive
7. Don’t allow doubt into your head otherwise you will be drawn towards the negativity of that
There is currently an offer of free postage and packing for my book ‘Off the Wall – How to Develop World Class Mental Resilience.’ on my website which has full details on Visualisation: Just type in free15 when asked for the promotion code.

Well that’s it for this week, have a great weekend and choose to stay positive.

Warm regards


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