Who is John Dabrowski?

web-John-Dabrowski-Engalnd-business-trainingJohn has enjoyed a wide ranging and successful career which has seen him work across a number of sectors in the business and sporting world. He has played basketball both as a professional and for England in the Commonwealth Games. He still holds the British record for the most individual points scored in a single match which is 98 points.

He was a top performing premier league basketball club general manager for the Manchester Giants, a highly rated teacher, and an award winning radio sales manager. He then went on to develop a long and successful career in the advertising and marketing world as a multi award winning agency director.

He has travelled extensively in his search for new skills and techniques to help himself and now other people. He has a desire to make a difference in this world and wants to use his extensive knowledge and skills to help people ‘unlock their full potential’.


He has been using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques for over 20 years and is a qualified NLP Practitioner and NLP Coach. He is a member of the world renowned International Coach Federation and The Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming which is run by one of the founders of NLP – Dr Richard Bandler.

John has a particular gift in teaching visualisation and inner voice techniques which access the subconscious to help create the future people really want. John has personally used these techniques to great effect in both his sporting and business career.


web-John-Dabrowski-PSA-Convention-2012John is a gifted communicator who has extensively studied the great communicators of the past such as Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn, Norman Vincent Peale, Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell, Tom Hopkins and Brian Tracey.

He brings with him a lifetime of experience as well as a passion for the subject which is both infectious and engaging. He has a friendly and enthusiastic style of communication which has been commented on by many of the people who have either experienced his one to one coaching sessions or attended his dynamic workshops.

John is a man who is full of energy and has experienced many successes in the past. However, he sees this part of his life as the most exciting and fulfilling so far. He is convinced that he was born for this and all his past experience has led him to this point in his life.

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