10-Year-Old Creates Her Own Dream Board!

One of my very favourite clients is Rolls Royce and it has been a great pleasure delivering my Mental Resilience Masterclasses to a range of staff across the company. The feedback from these has been consistently good and the Masterclasses are helping staff to handle stress more effectively and to perform better under pressure.

Around a year ago I ran my full day Masterclass to some senior staff at Rolls Royce and again the feedback was really good. A couple of weeks ago I met someone who attended this Masterclass and he relayed some information which delighted me.

What great feedback

The staff member in question is Stephen Crawford the Global Quality, Health, Safety, Environment & Improvement Executive at Civil Aerospace – Rolls Royce. He recounted in detail the time he spent with his family following my Masterclass. He told me that when he got home following this session he sat his family down and discussed everything I had shared.

The information he shared really inspired them, and Caoimhe his 10-year-old daughter decided there and then to create her own Dream Board and look at it every day to see if she could achieve some things on it. She found pictures to represent her dreams and put them on the board.

He won a basketball

During the Masterclass I gave out two basketballs as prizes and Stephen was a lucky winner and he gave it to Caoimhe. She put her board up in her bedroom and had the basketball next to it. I have just received in her very own words what she experienced and what she put in place.

It is very exciting to know that there is positive fallout from the sessions I deliver, and it makes me realise that I have something very precious to share with as many people as I can no matter what age they are.

What an exciting development

I have received permission from Stephen and Caoimhe to share this information and here is what I received from Caoimhe in her own words:

“My dad came home from work one day and gave me a Basketball signed by John Dabrowski and he explained how he had got it. When I first got the basketball, I was delighted and so later that day I made my Dream Board, this included improving my Maths, being Head Girl at my school, going to Cambridge University and become a Doctor.

I asked my mum to buy me a glass frame so that I could put the picture of my dream Board into it and look at it every night. I also put the Basketball that my dad won during John’s event, next to the Glass frame and looked at that as well.

One of my dreams was to be Head Girl at my school, so to achieve that dream I asked the current Head Girl what she had to do to become Head Girl and this helped me make up my mind, my dreams became reality when I was told by the Headmaster at Speech day that I was chosen as Head Girl,

I also have improved my maths by 20% over the year so it just shows you my moto works. ‘If you believe, you will achieve’ and from that day forward there is nothing I cannot do.


What a great story!

Wow how unbelievable is that. I know from my own personal experience that your mind is extremely powerful, and you can achieve amazing things if you truly believe you can.

Caoimhe is on an exciting path because she understands the importance of having a positive mindset and the power of the Dream Board. What is more amazing is that she has discovered this at the age of 10 with her whole life ahead of her. I can’t wait to see what she achieves next.

Thoughts for the week:

1. How far do you believe you can go in life?
2. Have you reached your potential yet?
3. Have you given up on your Dreams?
4. It is not too late for you!
5. I am 64 years of age and I am just warming up!

Well that’s it for this week, have a great weekend and stay positive.

Warm regards


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