100 Days to Mental Resilience – New Book Pre-orders

It has been a long journey but my second book ‘100 Days to Mental Resilience is finally ready for pre-orders. I never saw this coming a few years ago that I would have written two books on Mental Resilience in my lifetime.
Someone told me a few years ago that to become an international speaker I would need to write and publish a book, so I wrote Off the Wall – How to develop world class mental resilience and he was right.
That book opened many doors across the world, and I have had a great time traveling to various countries speaking to a wide variety of organisations. These have included the USA, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Dubai, Ireland, Gibraltar, Malta, Abu Dhabi and Sweden as well as 2 Cruises.
A big impact and big changes
The Covid 19 lockdown and subsequent ongoing challenges has put a stop to all the travelling but has opened up a new and exciting way of working which I am absolutely loving. Running my Masterclasses on Zoom has become a new way of working and they are very enjoyable and very effective.
I started by running 1-hour sessions to various companies then recently I took the plunge to run my 6-hour Masterclass on Zoom for a new company. They booked a couple of these full day sessions with me through Live and Learn and I worked very hard to make sure that they would be engaging, informative, interactive and fun.
Taking the plunge
This Masterclass has always received very positive feedback, but I wasn’t sure how it would translate to an internet-based session. I know that even spending1-hour on a Zoom session can be tiring so I was concerned about keeping the attendees engaged for the full day.
I thoroughly enjoyed delivering this full day online Masterclass which I ran on Wednesday. It seemed to go well but I couldn’t be sure until I received the feedback. I received the feedback yesterday and it was amazing.
Amazing Feedback
All 12 attendees scored my session at the highest possible level across four key questions regarding the effectiveness of the Masterclass. The comments were also wonderful, so this has given me great motivation to run more of these online.
It’s really nice to sit at home in my office running these sessions where I have set up with very fast internet, a professional microphone, and special soundproof glass to ensure a great experience.
It’s all about how you respond
I have often said it’s not what happens it’s how you respond which is critical. When I lost all my speaking engagements and Masterclasses it was tough but looking for the positive led to this new way of working and I am loving it.
When thing do finally open up again, I will enjoy travelling again but I will now be able to offer my clients a choice of face to face or internet.
Pre-orders now open.
The day has finally come when I can take pre-orders for my new book. It’s an exciting day as this book is different to the last one in they way it is written. As the title suggests it is designed to be read over 100 days with time to reflect each day for the technique to sink in.
It can of course be read as a normal book and everyone can choose how they read it. It contains great evidence on the power of Mental Resilience and has space to write down your reflections on each theme. There are many inspirational stories to inspire you and to help you develop Mental Resilience.
Special Edition books
The first 50 people who pre-order this book will receive a copy which is uniquely numbered and signed by me with a unique message. These books will forever remain unique and perhaps become a collector’s item in the future. You never know!?
All you have to do is click on the link below and order the book. As these orders come in, I will count off the first 50 and they will be the ones who will receive the special copies which are individually numbered and signed by myself.
English was my worst subject
When I was 4 years of age, I couldn’t speak English and was fluent in Polish as I had been brought up by Polish parents. English was by far my worst subject in school and that was still the case right up to a few years ago. It staggers me how the mindset can change when you receive encouragement and now, I am an author of two books at the age of 66!

Click on this link and you will receive your book within 2 weeks.
It’s never too late to get it right and it feels like my life is improving as the years go by. Covid-19 is very serious, and it completely shut down the world for a while – but thing will improve, and we will move forward to better times ahead.
Thoughts for the week 

  1. It’s never too late to get it right.
  2. It’s not what happens to you in life but it’s how you respond.
  3. It’s not how you start in life which counts it’s how you finish.
  4. Think about these three statements this week and see if you can kick start some things you have given up on. 

Well that’s it for this week have a wonderful weekend and keep Believing. 
Warm and healthy regards


Off the Wall – How to Develop World Class Mental Resilience available HERE (Special offer. Put in code 10POUND when prompted to receive a signed copy for £10 including postage and packing – UK only

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