There is Always a Seed of Something Positive

I came across this inspirational account of something happening in a refugee camp in Jordan where the 80,000 Syrian refugees have faced devastating events and have little hope for the future.
Circus School
“Mohammad Qusam Ghouzlan is a circus trainer who helped Finn Church Aid start a circus school in the Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan two years ago. The camp was created to host Syrians fleeing the violent Syrian civil war. Over 80,000 refugees live there, and the camp is so large it could fit 1,000 American football fields!
At the beginning, circus school took place in a refugee tent. Today, the kids train in a padded floor hangar divided by a curtain — boys on one side, girls on the other. Children and youths in the camp need a way to unwind and to focus their attention on something positive.
The circus school gives them hope for the future. It teaches them that it’s OK to make mistakes, and together they learn to trust each other and work as a team.
Experts say that children’s limbic systems become paralyzed in war situations. Sometimes, in the middle of an activity, some of the children seem to forget what they’re doing, or they’ll lose focus and stop listening to instructions.
But teachers like Mohammad, and the work of the circus school, help give them focus. It also helps release war traumas and discharge the energy that builds up in young people forced to live in a small space.
Mohammad helped the circus “go on tour” in the refugee camp, with NGO representatives and officials serving as an audience.
The children rehearsed and planned for their show, picking out their music (“St. James Infirmary” by Allen Toussaint) and putting together choreographies (the girls danced to “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls!).
The day of the show was a huge success, and Mohammad and the children were rewarded by the audience’s wild applause.
People like Mohammad, and the circus school, are one of many efforts to help give Syrian refugees hope and joy in their daily lives within the camp.”
What a great thing to do
What started as an idea has become a way of life for so many developing their team building skills and improving their self-esteem giving them hope for the future.
When faced with devastation it is natural for everyone to be affected by the terrible events they faced but examples like this demonstrate the power of the mind and how it can be transformed into a positive state.
Hope for the future
These children now have hope for the future because they have seen their lives transformed through the training and discipline of the circus life.
When we face difficult times it’s easy to be affected by these events and we can spiral out of control. If however we look for something positive in the negative situation we are facing we can pull ourselves out of the dark and into the light.
I faced devastation as so many people did when Covid 19 hit and all my business was cancelled virtually overnight. I could have simply given up (I am 66 and receive my pension) but I didn’t.
Looking for something new
Instead of feeling sorry for myself I looked at how I could transform my business to respond to the worldwide lockdown.
I developed a series of online Masterclasses as well as an online coaching programme. Both of these have worked extremely well, and I have received very positive feedback from these including the full day online Masterclass. I am receiving more coaching and Masterclass bookings on the back of the ones I have delivered.
Amazing success
It amazes people I speak to that delegates attending my 6-hour Masterclass on Zoom could thoroughly enjoy the day and get so much out of it. It’s down to a mix of inspirational videos, researched evidence, great techniques, practical exercises and breakout rooms for discussion and feedback.
My new book
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Thoughts for the week 

  1. What negative situations are you facing today?
  2. This week see if you can find the seed of something positive in these situations.
  3. It’s not easy but as you keep searching you will find something.
  4. As you do this you will find your mind will start to focus on this positive seed.
  5. By focusing on the positive seed, you will start to gain energy and hope. 

Well that’s it for this week have a wonderful weekend and keep Believing!
Warm regards


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