3 Obstacles to Overcome for Success

Another great article from Word for Today I spotted this week.
“To achieve success in life there are three obstacles you’ll have to be aware of and overcome: 


Racehorses run at approximately the same speed; sometimes the difference between winning and losing the race comes down to their ‘heart’ to win. So, look into your heart today and see if you are truly committed.


When it comes to commitment, there are four kinds of people.
a) Cop-outs: people who have no goals and who don’t commit.
b) Hold-outs: people who don’t know if they can reach their goals so they’re afraid to commit. c) Drop-outs: people who start towards a goal but give up when the going gets tough.
d) All-outs: people who set goals, commit to them and pay the price to reach them.
Which one of the four are you? Fear and faith will always be present in your life, and the one you choose will determine whether you succeed or fail.


Successful McDonalds businessman Ray Kroc of said, ‘As long as you’re green, you’re growing. As soon as you’re ripe, you start to rot.’ If you’re wise, you’ll take regular rest periods to refresh, renew, and refocus. But you must not settle for yesterday’s successes, or coast on today’s momentum. “
Easy to slip into
Three powerful obstacles to overcome and ones we can easily slip into. It’s easier to coast and stay safe. It’s easier to have no goals or small goals but is that fulfilling your amazing potential?
We all have more potential than we realise. If we don’t stretch ourselves and try new things, set new goals, dream of better things then we will never know what we could have achieved in life.
I don’t want to get to the age where I can’t work anymore and have any regrets. When I finally retire (hopefully well into my 80’s) I want to enjoy the rest of my days knowing I gave it everything and left nothing on the table.
No regrets
This means I won’t have any regrets in my life, and I won’t have any ‘I wonder what if’ thoughts which would plague me, and it would be too late. Can you imagine being tortured by those thoughts of regret and it being too late to do anything about it. I want to retire with a peaceful mind.
This is what drives me to live a fulfilling rich life where at the age of 67 I am just warming up and loving life. I stretch myself with big goals and then work towards achieving them. Yes, there is pain along the way but there is pleasure as well.
There is a daily feeling of achievement and progress being made. Yes, there are many days when progress is slow, non-existent or even backward, but this is part of the process and the journey.

We only grow in the tough times

It is in the tough times when we grow in comfort zone and character so whether things are going well or not going well, we win! How is that for a growth mindset!
We are only here once so I encourage you to give it your best shot and give it everything. 7 years ago, I was deep in debt and decorating for a living. Then I applied these principles and changed my mindset which has resulted in now living a rich rewarding and exciting life.
Dream Board
I use my Dream Board to visualise all the things I want to experience in the future. This gets me excited and gives me daily motivation to have a productive day. I am not a workaholic. When I work, I am super focussed and achieve a great deal in 1-hour uninterrupted bursts.
This then gives me lots of time to rest during each day and at the weekend. I used to think that it was good to work long hours to achieve success. I have learned that you achieve far more by working in super focussed blocks of time around 1 hour to 90 minutes and also having plenty of breaks to rest and recover.
Minster School
I had the privilege to be the guest of honour at the Minster School Southwell prize giving evening this week and it was an amazing evening. The winners were from all age ranges, and you could feel the positive atmosphere in the hall.
It was also great to deliver my life story to the students and parents and to also offer three key lessons I have learned in my life. I am so excited to be in a position to demonstrate that your mindset determines your future and how a few simple techniques can change everything.
Headteacher Ben Chaloner saw me speak a few years ago and he booked me on the back of that. He has also booked me to speak to his Year 11 and Year 13 students in November to inspire them before their exams.
A well-earned break
Julie and I are off to Somerset and Devon tomorrow for a week and boy am I looking forward to it. Lots of day trips and cream teas! Rest and recovery are crucial to a healthy life. This has been an exciting year of change and growth and I can see things opening up again.

Thoughts for the week 

  1. How do you rate yourself against the three obstacles?
  2. Can you improve in any of these areas?
  3. This week have a think about your attitude to hard work and see if you can see the benefit of working hard.
  4. When you work hard you experience the pleasure of satisfaction and reward.

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