OFF THE WALL - How to develop World Class Mental Resilience

OFF THE WALL - How to develop World Class Mental Resilience

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“This book is something to pick up when you need to deal with whatever life throws at you”

“This is a tremendous book and one everyone should read”

“Explains life-changing concepts and techniques in easy to understand language”



To receive free postage and packing please enter ‘free15’ when prompted during the purchase process.

“This book is something to pick up when you need to deal with whatever life throws at you”

“This is a tremendous book and one everyone should read”

“Explains life-changing concepts and techniques in easy to understand language”

18 reviews for OFF THE WALL – How to develop World Class Mental Resilience

  1. admin (verified owner)

    It’s a privilege to be the first to review this excellent book. I was lucky enough to attend the official book launch in Nottingham and hear John speak. His energy, passion and authenticity are infectious and I bought the book and read it almost in one sitting – I couldn’t put it down. The world we live in is an increasingly challenging one and mental resilience is essential not only to our survival, but also our sanity. John introduces the reader to the overwhelming power of the mind and explains life-changing concepts and techniques in easy to understand language with practical examples to drive the point home. Using some of his strategies I’m already in more control of the way I think and have never felt better. One example of this is the action of daily gratitude – a small thing, but with huge impact on my emotional state. This is a tremendous book and one everyone should read. Buy it, read it and change the way you think forever along with the results you get in life!

    Simon Gray

  2. admin (verified owner)

    John writes from a wealth of experience in overcoming whatever life throws at you. I found “Off The Wall” enjoyable to read and full of excellent, easy to understand principles along with practical application..This book can change your life for the better. As John says in his first chapter,”what are you waiting for?” Make the decision and get the book, you won’t regret it.

    Barry Manson

  3. admin (verified owner)

    Want to change your thoughts from being negative to positive, well read the new book, ‘Off the Wall’. I did and now I am approaching my daily activities with more mental resilience. An excellent read that combined theory with practice.

    Amazon Customer

  4. admin (verified owner)

    Such a great pick me up – excellent reading to getting back on track, well worth it for finding the inspiration to make positive changes to your life..


  5. admin (verified owner)

    Highly Recommended. This book is an easy to read, step by step guide to mental toughness and positivity. Read it all or dip in and out of the chapters as you need, it works brilliantly. if you’re running a business or have a lot you want to achieve this book will keep your positivity and energy high, and get you through the tougher times. John is well known as a total expert in his field, with a huge passion for what he does and how he helps people. This book is an inspiration and I use it regularly to keep me on track and focussed.


  6. admin (verified owner)

    A great read – full of insights and ideas to ensure you have what it takes to be the top of your game. What makes this book different to other self help books are the examples John uses both of himself and others, to demonstrate the results that are achievable. This stuff works! Once you have started reading you won’t put the book down!

    Stuart A. Ross

  7. admin (verified owner)

    I am not a fan, generally speaking, of so called ‘self-help’ books and manuals but having specifically allocated myself some quiet time to read John’s book, I must say I am big fan of this one!

    The message that John delivers, in a very personal and thoughtful style, is fundamentally a very simple one and his whole premise of developing world class mental resilience is based on a number of sound pillars, all of which, I suggest, we can individually easily identify and work towards implementing on our own lives.

    John says in his book that if one has aspirations in life, there is no true substitute for simple, hard graft, yet there is much more to his ‘message’ than that and I found this, his first published book, thoughtful, personal, insightful and above all else, inspirational!

    As we enter a new year, make reading this book one of your most important new year resolutions!

    Anthony L

  8. admin (verified owner)

    I think the book is excellent
    It is well laid out and very easy to read
    I have read other self help books but have come to the conclusion that if there was one book that covered most of what you need to know this is amongst the best
    I consider it my bible
    I’m glad you wrote it but you had the pain in life that made it happen
    I wonder what next?

    Jeffrey L.

  9. admin (verified owner)

    Really great book and certainly enjoyed reading. An inspirational ‘life tool’ to get the best from ourselves…

    Amazon Customer

  10. admin (verified owner)

    What an inspiring book, the values are methods are a revelation of how you can achieve more than you could ever dream of, this is a book well thought out and well written. well worth having one on your shelf


  11. admin (verified owner)

    Fantastic book with practical and clear steps to change your life!

    Amazon Customer

  12. admin (verified owner)

    John’s book is one of those reads that leaves you feeling so positive. As you read you have an intuitive feeling that what is covered is simply true and infinitely empowering. The style also flows well and relates to everyone at some level. Read it, enjoy it, benefit from it!

    Frog Prince

  13. admin (verified owner)

    A very useful book with lots of good quotes. There are superb techniques to help with confidence and how you come across to others.

    Amazon Customer

  14. admin (verified owner)

    COMPLETE GAME CHANGER !! This book is not something you just pick up and put down. It’s a life tool that equips you day to day. John has really captured the essence of navigating life and his techniques have really helped me on both and professional and personal level. Whenever I’m presented with Lemons….. I read This book !!! Great work John and I look forward to your next instalment .

    Amazon Customer

  15. admin (verified owner)

    This book was a truly great read. It is very well written in a way that we can all understand and relate to.

    It encompasses so much experience and research in to how to set up your goals in life and how to go about achieving them. What more do you need?

    I bought a signed copy for my grandson who is showing great promise as a basketball player and it has really motivated him very positively.

    I shall be buying two more hard copies, one for myself and one for a friend who will really enjoy it.

    Strongly recommended for everyone who needs a little help o get to where they want to be in life.

    Ron Glen

  16. admin (verified owner)

    I have read many books on developing management and general skills, yet this edition offers new perspectives and several ‘golden nuggets’ to add to my repetoire.

    Leon Jeniec

  17. admin (verified owner)

    It has been an absolute joy to read this book. The chapters were so well written and it is so useful to have the summaries and action plans at the end of each chapter. The content was very detailed and relevant. I wish I had this book to read a few years ago when I had the biggest challenges in my life so far. I have become a stronger person however there are so many techniques in this book that would have helped me during the worst days. There are so many other recent situations where I would have been able to refer to the action plans. Although I have only just finished reading this book, I feel a lot more positive about life and believe I can achieve my dreams. I will keep going back to this book to help me when I need it most. I will also be recommending this book to some people who I feel could be able to use the techniques.


  18. admin (verified owner)

    Great book, easy to read, full of wise gems and instructive lessons

    I met John last year and heard him speak, so when I heard his first book launch was happening I was delighted to be able to learn even more from his experience and wisdom. He has been through many ups and downs and is an incredible motivator and inspiration. John has a great system for developing personal toughness which helps in personal, business and social situations.

    He is not turning people into soldiers or robots but ensuring that whatever life throws at you – and it has thrown a lot at him, just as it does with everyone – you are able to get back up, dust yourself off, find the positive silver lining to the cloud which just passed and use that experience as a learning opportunity to help you grow into the future.

    John has a very easy-going style and this comes out in his book – the chapters are not too long, they are well set out with a brief introduction at the start and a summary at the end with the meaty content of each chapter broken into easy to read paragraphs and sections. The book is straightforward to navigate and doesn’t have to be read cover to cover in one sitting – it can be put down and picked up or used as a reference to pull gems out of at random times.

    I can heartily recommend John Dabrowski’s teachings and this book is a great place to start.

    Paul Johnston-knight

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