A Genuine Mental Resilience Offer at this Challenging Time

Whether you are part of a team and personally feel that you could do with some Mental Resilience and Mindset help or… you are a Manager or a Leader of a Team and you feel your team could do with some help; 
Please read about my NEW Mindset Programme.
We are at the end of the 4th week of the government lockdown in the UK and facing may more weeks of restrictions to our lives and facing fears of Coronavirus. 
Many of us have seen loved ones effected by Covid-19, and have sadly seen many, many, thousands of people die in the UK and around the world. 
The Mental Health of your team and their ability to have the tools and techniques to build mental resilience is more critical than ever. 
We have seen our businesses, our livelihoods, our ways of working, our ways of living and our cultures massively effected by the spread of Coronavirus.
People working from home, furloughed or on the frontline as key workers are worrying about their health today [and that of their loved ones] worrying about their livelihoods and what the future holds and these are all real, strong emotions, fears and feelings.
The term “unprecedented” has never been so widely used [and overused] to describe what we are all living through.
But these are, to be frank, extremely challenging times and for some can mean fear, anxiety and depression. For some it has meant the loss of work and that will, undoubtedly, mean longer recovery once the virus is under control.
For others it can mean opportunity, positive change and the hope of a new way of living and working in a better future.
So how can the same event, the same global pandemic, be viewed by two different people in two very different ways?
One sees the fear, the illness, the damage to the economy and the anxiety of the uncertain future.
The other sees a new way to move forward when we get through this, a new future of love, support and gratitude. 
Same event. Two very different responses.
“It’s not what happens to you in life that’s important, it’s how you respond”
Two weeks ago I shared my Mental Resilience Workbook as a free download with you, as a small gesture from me, to help you have a more structured, positive process to follow in an effort to control your daily thoughts and focus.
I have been working hard since then to go one step further and I have designed a unique online Mental Resilience Mindset Programme to help people develop the right mindset to cope with the effects of Coronavirus. 
What I have produced is a Survival Guide for you and your teams’ Mental Health and Mental Resilience. Our ability to understand and control how we think and how we respond to things that happen, especially big life events such as the one we are all living in, is so important. 
This is not a training course. It’s a life changing programme for people to completely reset how they deal with events in their lives
This brand-new Mental Resilience Mindset Programme has been specifically designed to help teams to overcome the massive challenges they are facing.
This is designed to take teams through a Mindset Change programme to give them the power and techniques to deal with the adversities they are currently facing and to find many positives every single day
I have structured the level of delivery of the programme to offer flexibility to all types and sizes of teams. All of the levels can be delivered for up to 100 delegates [or team members] and will take the form of a “Zoom Video Masterclass” at a date to suit you, your team and your organisation.

  1. Do you or your team need some powerful tools, strategies and techniques to deal with Mental health around the challenges we are facing?
  2. Are you or your team working from home or furloughed?
  3. Do you need to come together or bring your team together to take control and get through this situation?

If yes, then the Mental Resilience Mindset Programme might just be right for you or your team.
Want more details about the Mental Resilience Mindset Programme?
Please click the web link and take a look at the full course and programme details. If you would like any more information about this programme then, please, fill in the easy form on the webpage, or just hit reply to this email.
There are three levels to the Mindset Programme.
1x Session plus a 2 week follow up action plan
2x Sessions over 4 weeks with follow up action plans
3x Sessions over 6 weeks with follow up action plans

  • All Mindset Programmes are centred around a LIVE 45-minute online session for you and your team. 
  • All Mindset Programmes include full ‘follow up’ Mindset Action Plans to ensure that the key techniques and actions are deeply rooted into the delegates’ subconscious mind.
  • All sessions are via Zoom and can facilitate up 100 delegates.

UNQUIE OFFER for my blog subscribers.
As you are a receiving this blog email update and you are a loyal reader, I have a very special offer for you on this Mindset Programme. Please click the link below or just reply to this email and I will personally come back to you with the full details. 
Last week I contacted three companies with this very special offer to test that I had the offer pricing right and two have confirmed bookings with me.
If you are part of a team perhaps you can let your line manager know about this unique programme to help you, your team and ultimately your company.
As ever, stay safe, stay healthy and stay focused,
Best Wishes,

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