Focus on the Light

This is a totally unique situation we are all facing, and it is an extremely stressful time for everyone. We can’t hide away from the fact that people are dying, and no-one is immune from the dangers.

We only need to look at the situation with Boris Johnson to know that anyone at any time could face something similar. We need to be vigilant and do everything we can to stay safe. This will take some time, but we will get through this.

All pandemics in history have eventually reduced and virtually disappeared and we need to believe that this will be the same.

What do you focus on?

We have all heard the famous phrase ‘there is light at the end of the tunnel’ and right now we have to believe that the light at the end of the tunnel is breakthrough and the world getting back to a new normal.

If we only focus on the tunnel – the daily infections, the rise in deaths in the UK and across the world, the dangers to the front-line staff etc – we will feel down, fearful and scared for the future.

But if we focus on the light which is the world getting back to a new normal, communities being closer after this, people realising there is more to life than earning money and accumulating things – we will feel more optimistic, more energised and more positive.

I lost all my bookings

Like most speakers and trainers, I lost all my bookings due to the cancellation of conferences and workshops. This was after the best start to a year I have ever had and I was fully booked up to June with booking across the world.

This was a big blow and I could feel sorry for myself or I could pivot my business and focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. I am now working on developing an online Mental Resilience Programme which brings in new opportunities and I am excited.

What we focus on is what we feel. When we focus on the world disaster unfolding before our eyes, we feel bad – when we focus on the future when this is all behind us and the world is a better place, we feel good.

Change your focus

When we feel good, we have more energy, we can lift people who are down, we can be a solution rather than a problem. We smile more, we encourage people and we make a difference all because we change our focus.

So, change your focus today, watch the briefings and the news but don’t overdo it. We can easily get hooked on the latest updates and the news from across the world which by its very nature is negative. We must be realistic about the situation but don’t overdo it.

By switching your focus to the future and how the world will get back to a new normal and in many ways will be improved – you feel better. You will sleep better, and you’ll have more energy. You will be able to help other people start to see the light at the end of the tunnel rather than the tunnel itself.

We all need Mental Resilience

Mental Resilience is the ability to deal with stressful situations effectively and to bounce back from adversity. We all need this right now and I am really looking forward to sending out emails to my contacts with details of my New Mental Resilience Mindset Programme.

I am very excited about this programme which takes people on a six-week journey to develop powerful Mental Resilience. This will be on the Zoom platform available to companies across the world to help their staff with their Mental Wellbeing during this very difficult time.

Whether staff are working from home or still at work they will be able to tune into the live sessions as a team as well as receiving specific action plans to follow between the live sessions. There is also the opportunity to book a special one-off Masterclass if the programme isn’t quite right.

More details

If anyone would like advance details on this please contact me at and I will be happy to send you details.

Many people are now working through my FREE Mental Resilience Foundations Workbook to help develop Mental Resilience for this difficult time and the offer is still on. Just email me if you would like to receive your free copy.

Thoughts for the week

  1. Where is your main focus right now?
  2. Are you focussing on the walls of the tunnel?
  3. This week make it your mission to focus on the world without Covid-19.
  4. Focus on things being good again, football matches being played again.
  5. Focus on being back at work or getting a new job if you have lost yours.
  6. This takes practice but it works – I am doing it many times a day.
  7. Remember – What you Focus on is what you Feel.

Well that’s it for this week have a lovely Easter Bank Holiday weekend and stay safe.

Warm and healthy regards


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