After Nearly 4 Years, the Day Has Finally Arrived!

The day has finally arrived, and tonight, we fly off to Australia for four weeks. This trip was scheduled for early 2020, and then Covid hit. The flight was cancelled, and we received our money back. Then we waited and waited for things to improve until around 11 months ago, when we finally booked the flight to visit Brisbane on the Gold Coast.
This is where Julie’s identical twin sister lives, and we are so excited to see Jen and her husband, Tony, again.  I am very excited about this first trip to Australia. The journey doesn’t inspire me, but I have been told that the experience is fantastic and well worth the long hours spent in the air.
To make the journey more pleasant, we have booked Emirate Airlines with extra legroom, and we have noise-cancelling headphones and lots of movies and box sets downloaded on our iPads. We have gel seat cushions and many other things to help make the journey as pleasant as possible.
Identical twin sisters
One of the great memories of first meeting Jen is when she swapped places with Julie on a car journey, and for 5 minutes sitting next to Julie, I was convinced it was Jen. When I finally realised what was happening, my brain couldn’t process the situation, and it was the most surreal experience I have ever had.
Another memory is when we got married, and Jen came down the stairs dressed in a white bridesmaid dress before Julie came down, and everyone thought it was Julie – then Julie descended, and everyone was in complete shock!
So, I can only imagine what they have planned for me in Australia. I will be on my guard, that’s for sure. We are very excited as we get on exceptionally well, and because it has been delayed by a few years, it makes it even more special.
There is always a positive in every negative situation
I believe that when anything goes wrong, there is always a seed of something positive in that situation if you look for it. I have found several positive things from the delay to this holiday.
Firstly, we are now going for four weeks; originally, we were booked for three weeks. Because of the delay, Tony and Jen have had lots of extra time to book many excursions; we are going on adventures which weren’t booked on the original trip. We have trips to the mountains, beaches, whale watching, the Barrier Reef, and Sydney, among many others.
Secondly, my dear mum passed away last October, so we don’t have to worry about leaving her, not knowing if something could happen while we are away. She passed away peacefully at home, which was a real blessing, so both she and we have been blessed. We saw her the day before she passed away, and she was in extra fine form, so we have a beautiful memory of her to treasure as she waved us off from the window. 
When you look for positives, you will find them. This is called a Reframe Technique, a powerful tool to help you stay positive in challenging situations. You must look for the positives, but you will always find them if you do.
The Reframe Technique
The “reframe technique” is a psychological and cognitive tool to shift one’s perspective or viewpoint about a particular situation, problem, or thought. It involves looking at a situation from a different angle or altering how you interpret it. The benefits of using the reframe technique include:
Stress Reduction: Reframing can help reduce stress by changing how you perceive a stressful situation. It allows you to focus on the positive aspects or alternative viewpoints, making the situation less daunting.
Problem-Solving: It can aid in problem-solving by encouraging creative thinking and generating new ideas. When you reframe a problem, you may discover alternative solutions you hadn’t considered before.
Enhanced Resilience: It can improve resilience by helping you adapt to challenging circumstances. Reframing a setback as an opportunity for growth or learning makes it easier to bounce back from adversity.
Increased Optimism: Reframing can foster a more optimistic outlook on life. Focusing on a situation’s positive aspects makes you more likely to remain hopeful.
Better Emotional Regulation: It can assist in regulating emotions by changing the way you interpret events. This can be particularly helpful in managing negative emotions like anger, anxiety, or sadness.
Enhanced Creativity: Reframing encourages thinking outside the box and looking at things from multiple angles. This can boost creativity and innovation in problem-solving and decision-making.
Improved Mental Health: Regularly reframing can improve mental health by reducing negative thought patterns and increasing emotional well-being.
In summary, reframing can be a powerful cognitive tool that can positively impact your life, from reducing stress to enhancing problem-solving abilities. It encourages a more constructive and open-minded approach to challenges and opportunities.
My weekly blogs
I wrote my first blog in 2014 and committed to writing one every week. To my delight, I have continued writing my blogs weekly for nine years and have written 468. I am proud that I have not missed one, but that is about to change.
At the age of 69, I have gained wisdom, and now, I am experiencing the benefits of rest and recovery. I rest during the day and at weekends, and by doing this, I am producing more in less time because my energy levels are so high. I feel fitter and healthier and have control and peace in my life.  
I am ceasing the blogs
So, I have made a huge decision to stop writing my blogs……..until I return from Australia. This has taken a lot of willpower as it will break a run of 9 years, but health and happiness are far more critical.
I also want to spend four weeks of quality time with Tony, Jen and Julie and fully take in each day’s beauty without the stress of fitting in the writing of the blogs. I would be thinking about them all week, and it would spoil what should be a fantastic trip.
So, my next blog will land on Saturday 4th November. I am taking this break from writing because it’s the right thing to do, and I must walk the walk of the stress-reducing techniques I teach.
Thoughts for the week. 

  1.  How do you deal with negative situations in your life?
  2.  Do you react negatively and just run with your emotions?
  3.  This week, make a point of finding something positive every time you experience a negative situation.
  4. You may find it immediately, later that day or later that week.
  5. But if you find it, you will at least have something positive to move forward with, making a huge difference.

We are very excited to be going on this fantastic trip, and if I hadn’t met and married Julie, the love of my life, then I wouldn’t be about to have the adventure of my life. 

Well, that’s it for this month, have a wonderful weekend and keep believing.
Warm regards


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