An Amazing Phone Call!

What a fantastic and busy week I have had, running a Masterclass for North Hertfordshire Homes near London on Monday, then some shorter Masterclasses for Rolls Royce staff on Wednesday and Thursday. The delegates attending all sessions were brilliant!

All of these sessions were a joy to present and the feedback from all was excellent. It makes me realise that all the work I have put into building this expertise in Mental Resilience is paying off. I remember the days a few years ago when I was speaking at every Rotary Club meeting I could get into, just to gain experience and to practice – and I did these free of charge.

The agony of starting

I remember many times driving home late at night in the rain wondering why I was doing all of this. I remember times when as few as 5 retired people would turn up and two or three would be asleep during my talk! To make things worse, this was before I was delivering my relaxation sessions!!

This really tested me and I wondered if all this would be worth it, and on several occasions, I thought about packing it all in. But I have developed the five key pillars of Mental Resilience one of which is Commitment and so I carried on.

You grow under pressure

Fighting through the tough times has built my resilience and grown me in Character. I believe that the only time you grow in Character and comfort zone is when you are under pressure.

When there is no pressure you rest and recover and this is vitally important to maintain a healthy happy life. But when you are under pressure that is the time of growth. As I look back on my life I can see where I have grown and it has always been when I have been under pressure.

So, I am happy when I am under pressure and when I am resting and recovering. This is vitally important because it has been proven that we have more energy when we are happy than when we are unhappy – so we achieve more and feel better.

The power of Marketing

I am fascinated by Marketing and I am always looking for different ways to market what I do. I have been a newspaper reviewer for BBC Radio Nottingham on many occasions. On the face of it, the value of doing this isn’t obvious, but I have just realised there is a trail to the latest bit of publicity I will be enjoying next Friday.

Yesterday I was shopping in my favourite store when I received a phone call from BBC radio Nottingham and they asked if I would be the guest on their afternoon show. I was told that they had seen my article in the Left Lion magazine and felt that my life story was very interesting and would like me to share it live on air.

One thing led to another

What’s interesting is the person who interviewed me for the Left Lion magazine heard me reviewing the newspapers on BBC radio Nottingham. So, it’s a full circle back to radio Nottingham. If I hadn’t bothered with the time and effort to attend the newspaper reviews then I wouldn’t now have the article in the Left Lion and an interview coming up on radio Nottingham.

We don’t know who may hear my story and this may lead to something else. So, marketing isn’t always straight forward paid for advertising. If you would like to hear my interview and find out who I really am – it’s at 2pm (UK time) on Friday 27th October.

All you have to do is go to this link (and hit the LISTEN LIVE button) then sign up to radio Nottingham (takes less than 1 minute).

If you would like to read my life story in the Left Lion magazine it’s here:

Thoughts for the week

1. How do you feel when you are under pressure?
2. The way you respond to pressure has a huge impact on you.
3. You need to embrace it and understand that it’s doing you good.
4. Your growth is determined by how you handle pressure.
5. You can choose how your respond to 90% of things you face.

Well that’s it for this week. Have a wonderful weekend and stay positive.

Warm regards


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