Back in Dubai

Later today I fly to Dubai for a week to meet with some key people and to deliver two Masterclasses to two international organisations. It has been just under 3 years since I was there, and it was just before the pandemic hit.
In late February 2020 I landed in Dubai and had meetings and presentations set up with some large organisations. One of the meetings was with The British University in Dubai. Previously in 2017 I had delivered a full day Masterclass to the University staff, and it had received fabulous feedback.
They loved it
The Vice Chancellor Professor Abdullah Al Shamsi had agreed to stay for half an hour, and to my delight he stayed the whole day. It was a great experience and I then stayed in contact with them with a view to delivering sessions for their students.
It was to discuss this potential that I travelled to Dubai in 2020 and when I landed all was well. Then the very next day all the Universities and Schools were suddenly closed due to Covid. I didn’t know what was happening then all but one of my presentations was cancelled within a few days.
I flew back bewildered then it all started in the UK and worldwide. At that point I had 6 months of bookings and things were looking very rosy then within 3 days every single booking was cancelled.
My world was falling apart
I remember sitting there stunned like millions around the world not knowing what the future held. I was 66 years of age and was receiving my pension. I could have retired but I believe ‘It’s not what happens to you in life which counts it’s how you respond which makes all the difference.
So instead of giving up I wrote a second book and split my full day Masterclass into 3 x 1-hour online Masterclasses which I then delivered around the UK and internationally. Since that time, I have delivered many of these 1-hour sessions and clients are loving them.
They like them because they are inspirational and have great techniques that staff can integrate into their daily routines to help them reduce stress and improve their energy levels. They also like them because they don’t eat into work time, and they receive an Action Plan they can refer to.
I have changed how I work
The Mind Resilience Programme of 3 x 1-hour Masterclasses has changed the way I work, and clients can book the series of three sessions to deliver over a period of time. The attendees don’t have information overload and I love delivering these sessions.
I could have given up, but I didn’t and because of this I am enjoying a wonderful time both online and travelling around the world. Mind resilience is all about getting back up when you are knocked down and if you do that enough times you can and often do succeed.
Some amazing clients
Some of the clients I am currently working with are Rolls Royce, Siemens and NSG Pilkington Glass all of whom have more that 20,000 staff worldwide. Just a couple of weeks ago I delivered two online Masterclass 1 sessions to the international staff of Siemens. One was at 8am and one at 2pm to catch the two time zones. The feedback was remarkable and the attendance off the scale.
I talk a lot about the Reframe technique which is finding the seed of something positive in every negative situation. When I look back at the horror of 2020 and how close I came to giving up I understand how powerful Mind Resilience is.
I could now be retired and perhaps unfulfilled and sad. I am looking forward to retirement but not yet. I am enjoying what I do so much that while I have the passion and the energy, I will continue to share the life changing techniques that changed my life and are changing people’s lives across the world.  
Back in Dubai again
Two and a half years later I am heading back and this time it feels like this will be a good trip. I am opening up a conference for the Middle East, Africa and India senior managers team for this large organisation.
They are flying into Dubai from these continents for a few days and I have the privilege to open the conference with my Mind Resilience Masterclass 1.
I’ll be posting on LinkedIn during the week with more details.
Goodbye mum and God bless
We finally said goodbye to mum on Monday, she was an amazing mum who was always positive. She had great faith and was always positive and I believe this is why she lived to such a great age of 99.
Thoughts for the week. 

  1. How do you respond when you face devastating situations?
  2. I believe that you can choose how you respond to most things in your life.
  3. I also believe that you can learn to respond more positively with practice.
  4. This week whenever you face a negative situation, pause, and see if you can improve the way you respond. You will be surprised how you start to improve your response. 

Well that’s it for this week, have a wonderful weekend and respond well.
Warm regards


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