You Can Create Your Own Future!

It was around three years ago when I watched a video and heard those words which reached deep into my spirit – ‘You can create your own future’. “Is this possible?” I asked myself. “Is it possible that I can alter the situation I find myself in?” “Can I really improve my life?” “Can I be happy again?”

At the time I was in a difficult situation where I was running my coaching, training and speaking business but finding clients was proving difficult. So much so that I had to paint and decorate to pay the bills. The decorating was heavy work and hurt my 59-year-old body. I wanted to give it all up, then I watched the video which explained that you have the power to create your own future.

The Law of Attraction

The video went on to explain the Law of Attraction and how the feelings you send out on a daily basis effect your future. They explained that whatever you send out emotionally you receive back the following day/week/month. If you send out positive emotions, you receive more positive things coming into your life. If you send out negative emotions, you receive negative things into your life.

They claimed that if you stay positive most of the time you will start to see positive things happening in your life. I remember thinking to myself that this was far too simple to be true and initially dismissed this theory. Then as the weeks went by my thoughts were drawn to the feelings I was experiencing on a daily basis and I noticed that around 90% of my feelings were negative.

Can you really create your own future?

This made me think. Was I actually affecting my future by the way I was feeling all day long? Could this really make any difference at all? This was a crazy theory but if it was true then it would be worth experimenting as I had nothing to lose. So I started to study the mind in much greater detail and discovered methods people use to maintain a positive mindset. I discovered methods to help me change from a negative mindset to a positive one.

The more I worked with this theory the more I noticed how I was becoming more positive and because of this I was feeling happier. This in turn made me feel better and it became a cycle of positivity. As I quickly removed negative feelings and thoughts I found that it became easier to maintain a positive mindset.

Things seemed to change quickly

Then I started to notice lots of positive things happening to me and my business. I started to receive positive responses to emails I was sending out and I started to win various clients. The new clients I was working with liked what I was doing and referred me to other companies. The meetings I was attending seemed to be more positive with better outcomes.

Was this a coincidence or was I really starting create a more positive future? To check this out I continued to remain as positive as I could all day long using the various techniques I learned to change from a negative state to a positive state. As I did this more and more positive things started to enter my life.

Nat West Bank and Dubai

Fast forwarding 3 years to this week I have just spoken at a Nat West Bank Legal Conference in London. This is the first of 3 conferences I have been booked for where I am the closing keynote speaker for the event – the other two events are in Manchester and Edinburgh in the next few weeks. What an honour this is and what a great event this was in London. The feedback on my Mental Resilience keynote talk from the audience made up of solicitor and accountancy firms was extremely positive.

In two weeks’ time I am flying to Dubai with my wife Julie for a 12-night trip which will mix business with pleasure. This is my third trip to Dubai this year and I am speaking at a British Business Club event as well as meeting some potential clients. However, one of the bonuses with this trip is that we can have a real holiday to rest, relax and recover.

Health and Happiness

Health is so important and real success includes health and happiness. I am very excited for the future as I continue to stay as positive as I can all day long. I continue to test this theory and I can report that this is still working. Three years ago I was alone and struggling to build a business without any clients. Today I am very happily married, a published author with a growing Mental Resilience business, have some great friendships and I am healthier than I have been for a long time.

When you are negative your energy levels are low, when you are positive your energy levels are high. So it’s makes sense that you achieve more when you are positive. However, it appears that there is another dimension where you seem to attract opportunities and positive things into your life when you are on the positive level. I’ll keep you posted on developments.

Thoughts for the week.

1. Observe your feelings during the day and try to analyse what percentage of your day they are positive
2. If you are less than 50% positive, then you are potentially bringing more negativity into your future
3. Your job is to aim to have more than 50% positive feelings during the day. Once you get to this point you will find it easier to get to 60%, 70%, 80%
4. Remember if you feel bad your thinking is bad. All you have to do to change your feelings is to change your thinking
5. What you focus on is what you get, so focus on the positive

Well that’s it for this week.

So until next week have a great weekend and stay positive.

Warm regards


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