What a Privilege to Inspire Young Minds

What a wonderful week it has been! On Monday I ran my full day Mental Resilience Masterclass to teaching assistants of a Primary School and what a great day it was. It’s days like this that make the work involved in building a business like mine worth it. The whole day was pure joy. The interaction with the staff was magnificent and the feedback I received was amazing.

Then the following day I delivered my one-hour keynote talk to year 12’s of a top Academy and again the whole hour was beautiful. They were glued to every word I said and at the end they were shaking my hand as they left. The feedback from the head of sixth form was amazing and this is something I am now building on.

Inspiring young minds

To inspire young minds with these simple yet life-changing principles is a great privilege. I didn’t come across these principles until I had reached the age of 59! If only I had learned these earlier in my life. For me to be able to share my philosophy with these students and to see the penny dropping is simply amazing and wonderful.

I know I am gushing a bit but there seems to be a shift in what is happening. I am speaking at the Nat West bank conferences in Edinburgh next week and Manchester in November. I am speaking to businesses all over the country and now inspiring young minds which will one day hold key positions in this country – what an honour!

Working across many sectors

I’m also working with solicitor firms and major corporates. What amazes me most is that they all get it! It doesn’t matter what age the attendees are; the same principles of Mental Resilience apply. They cross age, gender and socio economic barriers. From managing director to admin staff level. How exciting is this? I can have a room full of completely different people and they with it.

The feedback I have just received from the two heads of sixth forms where I have recently spoken to their years 12’s has brought a tear to my eye. The warmth and positivity of their feedback has given me an amazing boost. I have worked three long years to develop Mental Resilience to where it is now and it is finally paying off.

Rest and recovery

Julie and I are off to Dubai next week for 12 nights and I have some meeting and talks lined up. We also have some time to have a holiday and enjoy much deserved time together. In my talks I refer to the need for Mental Resilience in times of stress and pressure and how you don’t need it when there is no pressure.

The fact is that in the times when there is no pressure our bodies and minds rest and recover and this is critical. You can’t keep going at 100 miles an hour all year long without your mind and body burning out. You have to have regular rest and recovery. This is when the mind files away all the data it has accumulated into the correct files.

The importance of sleep

Sleep is equally important with the average person needing between 7-9 hours. My personal requirement is 8 hours and when I don’t receive this amount per night I feel a little sluggish and my mind isn’t quite as sharp as it should be. I have built a belief system which tells me that I sleep really well and if I wake up I will go straight back to sleep.

So Dubai is a mixture of business and pleasure and I won’t be feeling guilty having some days off doing nothing. It has been a very busy full on year which has been very exciting and tiring. I need to maintain a healthy body and mind if my commitment to be speaking on stage and spinning my basketball in 18 years’ time, at the age of 80 is to happen.

Feeling healthy

This week I went to my GP to find out the results of a Well-Man physical I went through and the results were fantastic. The GP actually said he had never seen blood test results as good as mine. He told me that all the blood readings were in the ideal range across all the various tests. He told me that normally a few would be out of the ideal range. It is possible that my positive mental attitude is having an effect on my body in some way?

I must admit that I am feeling healthier than I have for many years. My blood pressure is around 120 over 80 and my heart rate around 60 per minute. I recover quickly from colds and have an abundance of energy. All this while I am under a great deal of pressure. I believe that I am getting healthier and fitter as I get older and I tell myself that on a regular basis.

Amazing feedback

The passion I have for what I do must be helping me, and after a week like this one, the motivation to carry on and get better and better is clearly there. This week I have also received an email from a company in the North East who saw me speak at an event and decided to blog the impact I had on their business.

This really was amazing. The managing director spoke of how the things I spoke about had impacted him and his staff and because of this he implemented changes in what they now do. This completely blew me away and made me realise that what I say really does make a difference. In effect this is a case study and he has asked to meet for a coffee in the near future.

Thoughts for the week:

1. It takes time to build something of value – are you building something worthwhile that is taking time? If so don’t give up.
2. There is no substitute for hard work. All high achievers whether in sport, music or business have all put in thousands of hours work to be successful.
3. The rewards are worth it. If you feel like giving up don’t. Visualise yourself having achieved your goal and keep going.

Well that’s it for this week have a great weekend and stay positive.

Warm regards


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