You Can Grow Old Gracefully!

It is Friday and I am writing this blog a day early as I am in South Wales to attend the funeral of the husband of one of my cousins tomorrow. I have driven over today with my mother Janina and sister Chris. We have had a good journey and as I watch my mother I am amazed how spritely she is for 93 years of age. The picture in this blog of my mum was taken a few weeks ago by my sister.

What an amazing woman

She is a great example of how you can grow old with grace and with a passion for life.
She gets herself up in the morning and puts herself to bed at night. She washes all her clothes and hangs them out to dry then irons them. She even puts the correct bins out on the correct days! I have pondered why she is doing so well and how she remains so cheerful. I have concluded that it must be her positive outlook and her genuine care for other people.

Whenever I go to see her she is cheerful and I have never heard her speak badly of anyone. I have noticed that if she doesn’t have anything good to say she won’t say anything. Gossip is often the easiest way to make conversation, but it is not edifying or positive. It can be poisonous and it damages the people who listen, the person who is gossiping and the person being talked about indirectly.

What you say and think is critical

I am 63 years of age and I want to grow old gracefully and with a passion for life. I want to do as much as I can, for as many people as I can, before I depart. What you see and What you say is What you get. This is my personal quote which I always write in my books when I sign them. It means that whatever you speak about and think about most, is what you become.

This is something I believe and is something I changed about 4 years ago when I was still decorating to pay the bills. My thoughts and words were negative and I appeared to be drawing negative situations into my life. I changed the way I thought and spoke, and over the past 4 years everything has changed.

Some great clients

Next week I am running a Mental Resilience Masterclass for a fabulous client, a coaching session with another great client and a presentation to a very large international client which I am keeping under wraps for now. All I can say is that things have continued to improve since I changed the way I think and speak.

Online Coaching

I am now coaching clients online which is proving to be very successful. So, if you are interested in a complimentary personal coaching session with me, then please reply to this blog or email me at

Thoughts for the week:

1. What are the thoughts you think every day?
2. What are the words you speak very day?
3. Are most of your thoughts and words positive – if they are very good.
4. If a large proportion of words you speak are negative you are heading for trouble
5. Change the way you think and speak and see what happens.

Well that’s it for this week.

Have a really good weekend and stay positive.

Warm regards


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