What Made Them Champions?

What a great week it has been and the highlight must be spending the day in Wales with the Scottish Power Energy Network team at their Dragons Den day. I was booked to speak in the morning and also as the closing speaker in the afternoon and what a great day it was.

The delegates were full of energy and the day went like clockwork. I added Customer Service to my Mental Resilience presentation which went down really well, as their focus for the day was Customer Service. I was able to go around the different breakout sessions during the day to add to my afternoon closing talk.

Great day – well planned

This was a very well planned day with outstanding visual and audio, as well as two video cameras recording the whole day and I am looking forward to seeing myself on camera. What stood out for me was the attention to detail and the willingness to invest in an important day.

Because of the detailed planning which included two conference calls with me to discuss my two talks in great detail, the day was a real success. Things don’t happen by chance – virtually all success comes from good planning and hard work. Look at Chelsea football club as an example.

From average to great

Chelsea came 10th in the Premier League last season, yet yesterday they won the title! What an amazing turnaround and what changed? First of all, a new manager Antonio Conte came in who has a very strong work ethic and he increased the amount of work put into each training session.

He then spent time with each player motivating them and encouraging them to perform to the best of their ability. He changed the system they were playing after a few games which helped them go on an amazing run of victories. He got every player in the squad playing at the top of their game. He is the only manager this season to use all three substitutes in every game making them feel part of the team.

A great manager

Antonio Conte has charisma and a passion which is infectious. He if famous for his wild celebrations every time Chelsea score and there is no doubt that he is 100% behind the team and the club. He wants to succeed and this remarkable turnaround from a team in turmoil to a winning team is proof that hard work and passion is key.

When he was manager of Juventus he won the Italian title three times in a row taking Juventus from an average team to champions. What he does isn’t luck, he has a system which works and it involves detailed planning, motivation, encouragement, hard work, positive mindset, belief and passion.

Thoughts for the week:

1. What can you take from Conte and his philosophy?
2. What he does can be translated to business
3. How passionate are you in your work life?
4. Are you prepared to work hard to succeed?

Thanks for reading this and until next week have a great weekend and stay positive.

Warm regards


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