A Christmas Message of Encouragement

What a year this has been and how exciting to have impacted so many people during this year through my keynote talks, Mental Resilience Masterclasses and executive coaching. I am honoured and privileged to be in a position to lift people and to teach them a new way to think, speak and act.

Below I have listed some of the highlights of the year to make sure I capture what has happened and to express my deep gratitude to everyone who has booked me for work. At the end of this blog I have attached a very short video for the first time in one of my blogs to inspire you.

Great to be in Dubai again

I think back to the Masterclass I ran in Dubai for the British University in Dubai, as well as the Department for International Trade in Dubai and Ahu Dhabi. The talk I gave to Hard Rock Cafe Dubai was so enjoyable and working with different cultures was a new experience.

It is great to be working with Rolls Royce who are a worldwide brand and it’s an honour to be sharing my techniques on Mental Resilience with their key staff. Another great organisation I have delivered to is Wireless Radio Group at their annual conference and the feedback was amazing.

Working in the USA for the first time

The talk I delivered to Hilton at their Washington DC headquarters in the USA was so well received and they loved my British accent! I remember the positive response to my talk to the Association of Women Solicitors in Manchester and the Commerce and Industry group in London.

Running my Masterclass for the NSG group who own Pilkington Glass was amazing as they had managers from China, Brazil, India, USA, Japan, Germany, UK, Argentina and Italy in attendance – a real mix of cultures and they loved it.

Working in partnership

Working with Lisa and the team at Live and Learn Consultancy has been a joy and they have booked me to deliver my Masterclass on multiple occasions to various clients including Aggregate Industries and North Herts Homes.

I have delivered successful Masterclasses to several firms of solicitors which have been very well received. It’s also been an honour to run my Masterclass for the Academy for Chief Executives. I’ve also delivered talks to a number of Academies specifically to years 11 and sixth forms.

Excited by the variety

More recently I have delivered my Keynote talk at a builder’s merchants conference and on the back of that have just received two further bookings for next year. I have also been booked for two international events next year. The coaching clients I have had the pleasure to work with during the year are amazing and I thank them all.

I find it hard to believe that all this has happened in one year and I am very grateful indeed. Gratitude is very powerful, and I will not take anything for granted. Recently I came across an article with the following story which made me think:

A great account of encouragement

“Two men who shared a hospital room ended up becoming friends. One was allowed to sit up for an hour every day. His bed was beside the only window. The other man spent his life flat on his back. Each day the man at the window would describe the activity and colour of the outside world.

The park overlooking the lake, ducks swimming, children playing, couples walking hand in hand, the skyline in the distance. His friend, who could see none of this, smiled and imagined it all in his mind’s eye.

One day the man by the window died and his roommate moved to his place. He propped himself up to look outside and was amazed to see a drab brick wall! Confused, he asked the nurse how come his friend had described the scenery in such glowing terms. She replied, ‘Actually he was blind, and he couldn’t even see the wall. He just wanted to encourage you.’

What you say makes a huge difference

One author writes: ‘When you tell somebody they are beautiful you change the way they see themselves. When a teacher tells a student they are smart, they work harder and achieve more. When a parent tells a child they are loved, they have confidence to reach for the stars.

On the other hand, a doctor who point blank tells a patient they are ‘terminal’ can speed up the death process. Words are powerful, use yours to build people up.”

Thoughts for this festive week:

1. Who can you encourage this week?
2. A kind word, a good deed or bit of time can make all the difference.
3. During this Christmas break can you think of someone you can lift?
4. The great thing is that when you lift someone – you yourself are lifted!

The following video really inspired me when I watched it I hope it inspires you too.

Have a wonderful Christmas and THANK YOU for reading my blogs without you it would be pointless.

Warmest regards


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