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A busy fun week this week with a speaking engagement at a private school for INSET day, coaching a new client and appearing on BBC Radio Nottingham to review the papers.

Reviewing the papers is fun and I am asked back about every 6 weeks to do this. I really enjoy the time at the station. I get there about 7.30am and have about 50 mins to find 4 stories which are not being covered by the radio station. I have a cuppa while I am doing this and I try to find unusual or amusing stories which most people won’t have heard about.

Self Confidence

I have just spent some time with my new coaching client working on building self confidence and it reminds me of the time when I was a nervous wreck. My sales director from Metro Radio in the North East called Harry Dunne gave me a technique which changed my life. It is a 3 step programme which is so simple yet so effective.

Once I had learned this technique my confidence has grown until now where it has reached the stage where I can stand up in front of over 100 people and not get nervous. I throroughly enjoy the experience. This continues to amaze me as I stand up in front of bigger and bigger audiences. It’s all down to this technique and my new mindset.

Off the Wall

My book ‘Off the Wall – How to Develop World Class Mental Resilience’ contains 18 chapters and one of these reveals this technique in full. Those of you who are coming to my book launch in Waterstones Nottingham on Saturday 24th October will receive your signed copy of my book. Those of you who can’t make the event you can pre-order the book now on my homepage at you will receive your copy on the 25th October.

I am very privelaged and excited to be able to share so many life changing techniques in this book which is based on my Mental Resilience Workshop which I am delivering all over the country. The reason I am so pleased to be able to share this will lots of people is because of the pain and humiliation I went through as a child and young man.

Severe lack of Confidence

When I was 5 years of age I could only speak Polish so when I had to read standing up in class all the other pupils laughed at me. When I was 12 years old I was the last one left on the wall in Games as I was rubbish at sport and most other things due to a devastating lack of self-belief and self-esteem.

I went through my teens and 20’s with little confidence except in basketball where all my work on the court paid off with confidence in that one area. Confidence can be situational where you can be confident in one area of your life and have no confidence in another. I could play basketball in front of large crowds yet when I had to speak to a few people I would shut down and bottle it.

Confidence is situational

You may have experienced high level executives in the business world who are super confident with anything at all connected with work; but put them in a social party situation (where they don’t have the comfort zone of their position and expertise in their field of work) and they become quiet insecure people totally different to who they are at work.

The mind is a powerful thing and can either make you or break you. There was a time where I couldn’t introduce a professor to 4 students sat round a table now I can speak to hundreds. There was a time where I would literally freak out when I had to introduce myself round a table at business meetings. I remember that feeling as it got closer to my turn to say who I was and what I did. Yet now I run all day workshops to groups of up to 20 and love every minute of them.

Book in for print

This afternoon I sent the final amends of my book and book cover and there is no going back now. It is quite surreal to have completed a book but its happening. None of us know what potential we have and I say why not test the waters and find out. Until we push the boundaries we won’t know how far they stretch and you may be pleasantly surprised.

One of the biggest disappointments for me would be to reach my twilight years and to look back with regret at some of the things I didn’t try to do, or attempt to achieve or simply have a go at. I don’t want to live with regret so I am pushing ahead with experiencing as many things as I can while I can.

I’ve had two full hip replacement operations, 3 minor heart operations, 3 redundancies, 2 divorces and a partridge in a pear tree (sorry I couldn’t help that). In each case I have chosen to see the positive in each situation and this has helped me get through these challenging situations with surprising ease.

Action for this week

  1. Take some time out in a nice quiet place and make a list of all the things you have been thinking about achieving but have just not got round to doing
  2. Thinks about the places you want to go, the people you want to meet, the things you want to own, the skills you want to learn, the instruments you want to play, the people you want to help
  3. Prune the list until you have a list of things that given all the right circumstances you would like to achieve
  4. When you are writing these things down don’t think how you could possibly achieve these or how you will find the money etc just write things down like a child
  5. Pick out your top 10 and write them down somewhere
  6. Try to find images which represent these dreams you have
  7. Copy and paste these onto an A4 sheet of paper.
  8. Keep looking at these at least once a day

If you follow these steps above you will have created your first dream board which will help you achieve more things in your life. More details of this are in my book (it sounds like blatant plugging but I know how powerful these techniques are to change lives)

Until next week have a great weekend and stay positive

Warm regards


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