The Law of Attraction

It has been an amazing week this week with speaking events at two private schools in Surrey, coaching in Buxton, finishing my book cover design and attending a boat party on the Thames.

The school talks on Mental Resilience were the result of the Law of Attraction working and made me realise that you never know what will result from doing good deeds. I have been giving free Rotary Club talks for about 2 years now and I find that they can be hard work especially when I am driving home late at night in the rain.

It would be a lot easier to say no to the requests but I like to bless people when I can and so I don’t charge anything for the talks not even expenses. Because of this I have given quite a lot of talks and each time I speak to a group of up to 30 Rotary members I practice my speaking skills and improve a little each time.

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction states that what you give out you get back in direct proportion like a photocopying machine. So when you do good deeds you get good things happen to you and when you do bad then eventually bad things happen to you. This obviously challenges our belief systems but over the past few years I have seen this working in my life more and more.

I remember driving home late at night wondering why I was doing this as I had been working hard all day then drove straight to the Rotary club meeting to speak and present until 10pm at night. But I remember reading somewhere that comedians had to do the working men’s clubs often speaking to a few people who didn’t appreciate them. But by doing this they learned their craft and became better comedians because of it and eventually made it to the big stage.

Giving things away

So I have kept accepting the invitations to speak and two things have happened because of it. The first is the private school connection. About 2 years ago I spoke at a particular Rotary club and the President was a deputy head teacher at a private school. She liked my presentation and said that she would put me forward to her Principle.

About 18 months later someone contacted me from and organisation which represent 100 independent schools across the country and asked if I would be available to speak at their annual conference which I accepted. They paid me a good fee and I enjoyed the whole event staying in a beautiful hotel.

Independent Schools

On the back of this presentation I was contacted by two schools who wanted me to inspire their teachers in INSET day and that is what I did this week. They paid me and I spoke to around 120 teachers on Tuesday and 100 teachers on Wednesday. The feedback was really positive and we will see where else this will lead.

The other thing to come from my giving of free talks is that the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Rotary Conference have asked me to speak to their 650 members at next month’s conference in the North West of England. This is a paid speaking event and I’m staying for the whole weekend with Julie where we will be very well looked after.

Do it for the right reasons

There was absolutely no guarantee of any work coming in from blessing these Rotary clubs with free inspirational talks and I will be honest with you I didn’t expect anything to come from these talks. But as so often is the case, the Law of Attraction comes in from the blind side to surprise you.

My book is progressing well and it will be back to me this weekend from the proof reader to by typeset next week. The cover is nearly finished and the bookmark and roller banner nearly complete. I have a very busy two months coming up which is exciting and a little scary but that is a good combination to live a fulfilled life.

The boat party last night was amazing and I have to say that London at night is stunning. The champagne and food was a delight as were the people we met. I met someone on the boat who wants to meet up with me so we will see where that will lead.

Actions for the week

  1. Have a think if there are any situations where you can help someone
  2. You may not believe there is such a thing as the Law of Attraction but I ask you to consider it as a possibility
  3. As you go about your week have your antennae up for any situations where you can bless someone or do a good deed
  4. Take action by doing something good
  5. The LOA (Law of Attraction) states that whatever good emotions you send out you get back so keep as positive as you can all day long
  6. If you decide to try to be more positive and give something away observe whether good things happen to you out of the blue

My website now has the book available for pre order and it contains a detailed chapter covering the Law of Attraction and how to benefit from it.

Have a great weekend and until next weekend stay positive.

Warm regards


Julie and John Hatstand Boat Party 5.8.15

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