Dare to Dream

Had another crazy but fun week with a trip to Slough to work with some Managing Directors, a trip to London to coach my client, a great curry out with potential clients on Thursday; and I write this I am in a hotel in Newcastle where I am attending the 40th Anniversary of Metro Radio where I spent 5 happy years working in sales 30 years ago.

I’m meeting an old colleague of mine Jeff Stephenson for a bite to eat before we get to the town hall for the re-union. This should be fun and also interesting to see how many people I recognise and what they are all doing now.

On Sunday I am going to Wales with my fiancée Julie to prepare for something I have been looking forward to for several weeks. On Monday at 10.30am I will be strapped into a harness horizontally and will then travel down the longest Zip Line in Europe and the fastest in the world! This is one mile long at 500 high and takes 45 seconds to get to the bottom at 100 miles per hour. I will be in a special wind and rain suit and wearing a helmet with a camera in so hopefully I can have a record of this.

I love to challenge myself to the limit and this is one of those challenges. I saw this at a networking event I went to and said to myself “I want to do this” – I booked it the following day. It is dependent on the weather so I will report back next weekend to let you know if it went ahead and what it was like. I love to stretch my comfort zone and that is why I like to speak in public and take on tough training workshops.

If you are interested in the details you can find them at and the ride is called Velocity (for obvious reasons). I will be observing my inner Chimp to see if it gets excited or nervous and I will be observing my heart rate and general state to see what I go through.

Mental Toughness is about controlling the emotions and dealing with things calmly and objectively and I will see how I do under this pressure.

One quite exciting thing is that one of my coaching clients has agreed to treat me to a steak meal and overnight stay in London at a nice hotel for helping him sell his company and this fits in well with my trip to London to coach my client. I will stay down next Wednesday and come back Thursday. The restaurant is called Cut at 45 Park Lane and is supposed to be the best steak house in London.

The reason this is exciting is that I have visualised eating in this restaurant with my coaching client for months. I found pictures of the steak I am going to eat, plus the dining area and front of the restaurant and printed them off then I used NLP visualisation techniques to believe that I was really there enjoying the meal – and it has worked! I could taste the steak feel the excitement of the experience and smell the wonderful aroma of the food.

Remember the great quote from Henry Ford “If you think you can or think you can’t you are right either way.”

Have a great weekend and keep positive.


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