Look Mum I Can Fly!!

I remember as a child dreaming of things I wanted to do and sometimes these things would happen and sometimes they wouldn’t. One thing I really wanted more than anything was to play basketball for England and I dreamt about this more than anything else. I dreamt of wearing the England jersey, travelling with the England team and having my proud parents watching my play for my country.

The more I dreamt about this the more excited I got about it and without realising it the time I spent visualising this goal actually helped me to achieve it. I achieved this dream at the age of 18 in the Under 19 England team then went on to play for the full England team including playing in the Commonwealth Games.

Over the years I have developed a great interest in the mind and how we can control more than we realise. By maintaining a positive mindset and a belief that things will work out we can achieve more than we realise. Visualisation is a powerful technique which, when practised, brings things into your life which often come with the words “how did that happen?”

There are certain things which happen when we visualise something we want to achieve which improve the chances of us succeeding. I go through the details in my coaching sessions and my clients have found visualisation to be very effective indeed. It’s also fun to visualise achieving these great things because it makes you feel good and motivates you.

I had two things recently that I wanted to achieve and they both came off this week. On Monday I travelled down the fastest zip line in the world and the longest in Europe with my fiancée Julie. It was amazing and such a buzz and so special to share it with Julie. Travelling down at 100mph soaring through the air like a bird was a dream come true. Copy and paste  this link to see me fly  –

The second is something which has taken a year of visualisation to achieve. This Wednesday I finally ate the best meal I have ever eaten in my life at the best steak restaurant in London called ‘Cut at 45 Park Lane’. This was all paid for by a client of mine as well as a night’s stay in the 5 star Hilton on Park Lane. I have been coaching him for a while now and we have both visualised eating at this amazing steak restaurant for the last year. Certain things had to happen for this to take place and they did. To celebrate the outcome we enjoyed a very memorable night in London with food that was quite simply amazing.

Something I had never experienced before was Japanese Wagyu Omi beef which was quite simply amazing and this is the only restaurant in England to serve this steak. So a big thanks to my client who has created a magic moment for me to remember forever.

Visualisation can help to make dreams come true. I have a dream board with 24 things I want to achieve in the next few years and some have already come true. I visualise having achieved them in my morning routine and it helps me get into a very positive place to start the day – I recommend it.

Have a great week ahead.



John Dabrowski ZipWorld Velocity LR 20.10.14

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