Dave Clarke – Guinness World Record Holder

This week I had a good meeting with Rolls Royce to discuss future work, secured another booking with Derby College and had a confirmation of potential work in Malta. I also had a phone call with a client in Dubai for a potential trip over there and finished with a great coaching session with a top client Dave Clarke.

I met Dave around 13 years ago when I was introduced to him as someone who could do with some help with his mindset. Dave was a successful businessman who had decided to leave his company for 12 months to prepare for an amazing adventure. He had decided to row solo across the Atlantic!

3,000 miles and 3 months solo

Several years before we met, he had sailed solo across the Atlantic so he thought he would now row across the Atlantic. That’s 3,000 miles on his own, it would take him around 3 months and all he had was a satellite phone for communication. He wanted to become the first person in history to both sail and row a small boat solo across the Atlantic.

This was extreme to say the least. To put this in perspective at the time over 4,000 people had climbed mount Everest whilst less than 100 had rowed solo across the Atlantic. It was very dangerous and extremely challenging both physically and mentally.

Regular mind coaching

Dave would come over to my house on a very regular basis for visualisation and mental resilience coaching. We had many sessions together which I offered free of charge as this was something of a hobby of mine.

At the time he was 42 years of age had never rowed before and wasn’t very fit with a bad back. The mind coaching sessions worked, and they helped Dave not only cross successfully, but he also got stronger in the second half.

He had Mental Resilience

Of course, it was Dave’s amazing mindset and determination to succeed which was the main factor, but he agrees that my sessions definitely helped him.

He is now a double Guinness World Record Holder and had written two books on the two crossings. He is a great example of Mental Resilience where a positive mindset and a ‘never give up’ spirit conquered all before him.

If you want details on Dave or his books, then please email me and I will be happy to connect you to him.

This video he filmed himself really demonstrates the true size of the challenge he faced – you can feel the agony as you watch!

We have met for coaching sessions ever since and we still do, and he is happy to pay me. He finds my sessions to be very helpful in his thinking process and is somewhere he can share in total confidence. We worked together through the sale of his business and we have worked together as he has built another very successful business.

As a very important side note the reason I set my business up was because of this experience with Dave. It gave me a great feeling to help someone achieve something and I wondered if there would be a chance of me doing this full time.

Thoughts for the week.

1. How do you respond when you face tough challenges?
2. Do you give up or rise to the challenge?
3. Happy successful people face huge challenges, but they take them on.
4. This week observe how you respond when things are difficult and make a huge effort to find something positive and move forward.

Well that’s it for this week have a wonderful weekend and keep Believing.

Warm regards


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