Do You Have Any Goals?

This week has been a lovely week with some excellent meetings, coaching sessions and a presentation to the staff of Derby College. This 2-hour Mental Resilience Masterclass was very well received, and the attendees were really engaged. I have two more of these to run for Derby College over the next month.

I had a lunch meeting with Simon Waterfield a partner at Nelson Solicitors who I have known for a few years now. We really enjoy inspiring each other when we meet, and Simon has given me a great idea to help solicitors in a particular area which I am very grateful for.

A great coaching session

The coaching session I ran with a successful CEO this week was exceptional and makes me realise how much I love what I do. I also had a meeting with a potential coaching client who may be able to help me grow my business too.

I’ve also confirmed something really exciting with Dennis O’Connor in Ireland in May which coincides with my 4th wedding anniversary. I am really looking forward to seeing Dennis again. Julie has never been to Ireland before and we are going for 5 days.

I came across this article in Word for Today and it made me think about goal setting.

What are your goals?

One day Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes lost his train ticket. As he searched for it, obviously irritated, the conductor said, ‘It’s okay, Your Honour; just mail it in. We all know you and trust you.’ Holmes replied, ‘I’m not concerned about finding my ticket – I just want to know where I’m going!’

Having goals lets you know where you’re going in life. Fifty per cent of the people around you have no idea where they’re going. Another 40 per cent will go in any direction they’re led. The remaining 10 per cent know where they’d like to go – but fewer than half of them are prepared to pay the price to get there.

JC Penney

Store owner J.C. Penney said, ‘Give me a stock clerk with a goal, and I’ll give you someone who’ll make history. On the other hand, give me someone without a goal, and I’ll give you a stock clerk.’

The truth is, while you are working on your goals, your goals are working on you. And the reward you get for reaching them isn’t nearly as important as what you become in pursuit of them.

So, do you have goals? Are they clear enough to write down, short enough to fit into a paragraph, strong enough to help you persevere, and valuable enough to make you pay the price? If so, you’ll live to see them fulfilled.

Goals set the compass of your life

Goal setting is like a compass – you set it then you head in that direction. A plane going 500mph without a destination will never get there no matter how fast it is going. You need to have a destination where you are heading in life otherwise you will just wonder about.

Then one day you will be sat in your rocking chair looking back on your life and wondering what happened. You’ll be wondering why you were unlucky in life and why good things always happen to other people.

Living with regret

You will be living with regret and it will be too late to change anything – you will have missed your destiny in life. But as you read this it’s not too late, you are still young enough to grab hold of your life and make it count.

6 years ago I had this same revelation, I thought that I had missed my opportunity in life. I was 59 years of age £30,000 in debt, living back with my mother in the same bedroom I was brought up in. I was single after two failed marriages, I was painting and decorating to pay the mortgage on a home I was trying to rent out which was in negative equity and I believed my life was over.

These principles changed my life forever

I then discovered the principles of Mental Resilience and applied them to my life. I realised that I still had at least 20 years to change my life and set about doing just that. I remember thinking just before things started to turn around that I would never have another holiday as long as I lived, I would just about survive then I would die.

Over the following 6 years I met and married Julie who is one amazing woman, we have travelled to Dubai four times, Washington DC, San Diego, Germany, Finland four times, Poland, Switzerland, Malta, Gibraltar, Abu Dhabi and Ireland. I stopped decorating 6 years ago and the business is thriving.

Part of this success is that I set many goals. I created a Dream Board and visualised having achieved these goals every day. This created an excitement which translated into energy allowing me to work hard to achieve these dreams. I also stayed as positive as I could.

Thoughts for the week.

1. Do you have any goals in your life?
2. Are these written down anywhere?
3. Research confirms that people who have written down goals achieve far more than those who don’t.
4. This week think about what you would like to achieve in life and write at least 3 new goals that you would like to appear in your life in the next few years.

Well that’s it for this week have a wonderful weekend and stay positive.

Warmest regards


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