Don’t Miss Your Opportunity

This has been by far the best week I have experienced since I started my business 9 years ago, with a Mental Resilience Masterclass in Milton Keynes for a Vistage Group, a Masterclass to the teaching staff of Derby College, and a presentation at a conference for LazyLawn UK.

At the beginning of the week I enjoyed a wonderful Sunday afternoon spent with some leaders from Pilkington NSG Group at the beautiful Cranage Hall Hotel, taking them through the Mental Resilience Masterclass.

A great group

The NSG Group are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of glass and glazing products for the architectural, automotive and technical glass sectors. With around 27,000 permanent employees, they have principal operations around the world and sales in over 100 countries.

The delegates attended two weeks training and came from Japan, Argentina, Brazil, UK, USA, Poland, Germany and Italy. I was brought in to run my session on Sunday and it was a great afternoon with a wonderful group who interacted so well, and the feedback was really positive.

Invited to the final dinner

We met again this Thursday evening where I was invited to attend the final evening dinner and what a wonderful night it was meeting all the delegate again and enjoying some great food and friendship.

During the Masterclass we talked about the difference between a positive and negative mindset and this linked well with the following article I came across recently:

Don’t miss your opportunity

“Guess which big company felt like ‘choking on its own chocolate’ after it elected not to feature one of its products in the 1982 blockbuster film E.T.?

If you said M&M’s, you’d be right! How did it happen? Turns out the Mars chocolate bar company executives decided nothing could be gained from allowing their M&M’s sweets to be used in what some of them considered ‘a silly movie’.

Consequently, the little boy Elliott ended up luring the loveable alien E.T. with Hershey’s Reese’s Pieces. That one scene drew millions of customers worldwide into sweet shops in quest of Reese’s Pieces!

Thanks to this movie mega-hit, Hershey’s sales shot up 65 per cent! It’s interesting that the Mars executives who said ‘No’ probably lived in big houses, drove big cars, and earned big salaries!

Yep, doubt and fear stalk the rich as well as the poor; you’ll find naysayers at the top and bottom of the corporate ladder.

Do you recall these words from the famous poem by John Greenleaf Whittier: ‘For of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, “It might have been”’?

Think of all the times opportunity knocked and nobody answered.

Are you standing before a door of opportunity today? Are you afraid to walk through it? Don’t be. Take courage and believe that the best is yet to come.”

Henry Ford

As Henry Ford once famously said: “If you think you Can or think you Can’t you are right either way.”

We can choose how we respond to fear and risk. We can choose negative or positive. If we choose negative, we will turn opportunity away – if we choose positive, we will have a chance of something great appearing in our lives.

Taking risks can be reckless, I am not advocating taking every risk which comes along but to consider each one and to take the challenge to step out when one of these risks ‘feels’ right.

It starts in our mind

Most of the things which happen to us are a result of our thinking – it all starts inside our mind then appears in our lives. We can change our circumstances by changing the way we think, speak and act.

9 years ago I took a risk to start my own business and with hard work, determination and self-belief I have developed an International business where I have the honour to help people across the world to perform better under pressure and live healthier more balanced lives.

Keep in touch

By the way just to let you know you can reply to these blogs anytime and I will respond personally to you. I love to hear from subscribers who let me know what’s happening in their lives or just want to say hello – so do keep in touch.

Thoughts for the week:

1. How do you view risks?
2. Do you always play is safe or do you sometimes take a risk?
3. Calculated risks can open up amazing doors for you.
4. Start by taking small risks then build from there.
5. If it doesn’t work out then it’s a great learning experience.

Well that’s it for this week have a wonderful weekend and keep believing.

Warm regards


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