Dream Killers

This has been a great week with Mental Resilience Masterclasses delivered in Yorkshire and the East Midlands. Both groups were really engaged and the feedback from both was very positive.

This Sunday I am delivering my Masterclass to an international organisation with delegates from across the world and I am really looking forward to sharing the Mental Resilience techniques which are changing people’s lives.

You grow under pressure

During both sessions I mentioned how stepping out of your comfort zone is the only way to really fulfil your potential. The only time we grow in comfort zone and character is when we are under pressure.

When we step out under pressure and take a risk, we stretch ourselves in ways we wouldn’t do without the pressure. During these times of pressure, we go further than we would if we stayed in our comfort zones.

Rest and recovery are crucial

During times of rest and recovery we plateaux where we don’t grow but we recover both mentally and physically. This time or rest and recovery is crucial for good health and long life. We must take time out on a regular basis to rest properly and effectively.

It is during the times when we are under pressure that we grow. When we know this, we can embrace pressure as a postive thing and can therefore enjoy both rest and times of pressure knowing that when we look back, we will see amazing growth.

A good example of pressure is when we take risks to do something which is challenging and difficult. We can take the challenge on or we can give up.

I came across this article recently which backs this up quite well.

Dream Killers

“In 1975 a low-level Hewlett Packard engineer called Steve Wozniak, whom nobody had ever heard of, shared a dream with his pal, Steve Jobs. It was about building and selling an easy-to-use personal computer to the masses around the world.

The pair worked round the clock to create their compact PC. But when they offered it to Hewlett Packard, one of the world’s great companies, the powers-that-be failed to see its incredible potential and gave it the thumbs down.

They didn’t give up

So, Wozniak and Jobs went off on their own and founded a little company called Apple Computers – and revolutionised the computer industry!

There’s no shortage of people who will tell you, ‘It can’t be done’ or ‘It won’t work.’ There’s a name for those people: ‘dream killers’ – and if you listen to them, you’ll give up before you even begin.

Ordinary people with dreams

Behind every major accomplishment you’ll find ordinary people with dreams, who are willing to take responsibility and risks. They are the people who enjoy the rewards!

In spite of your failures, your struggles, and your limitations, if you’re willing to disregard the naysayers, step out in faith, and use the gifts you have been given, you will see amazing things appear in your life.”

Thoughts for the week

1. How do you view pressure?
2. Do you avoid pressure at all costs?
3. Pressure is different to stress – pressure is good, stress is bad.
4. We need some pressure in life to perform well.
5. This week see if you can step out somewhere, challenge yourself and grow.

Well that’s it for this week have a wonderful weekend and keep Believing.

Warm regards


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