Going the Extra Mile

Well it’s been a really busy but fun week with a trip to the Isle of Man to coach my client, a new coaching client signed up in Sheffield. There was also a great workshop in Leicester and the completion of the cover of my new book ‘Off the Wall’ – How to Develop World Class Mental Resilience.

This weekend I am going through the changes suggested by my proof reader who has completed checking the entire 52,000 words. He told me that he really enjoyed reading the book and that the stories and action plans in each chapter are especially good. I will be going through all the changes today and then will send the final copy to my book coach who will send it to her proof reader for a final check.

Book ready for pre orders

The book is ready to pre order on my website and it’s geared up to take payments by Pay Pal or credit/debit card. So if you fancy being one of the first to get your hands on a copy go to the home page and order your personal copy now. The official launch is Saturday 24th October at Waterstones and if you are coming I will sign your copy on the day. If you aren’t booked to attend the launch there are still seats left so let me know.

Very exciting times as I have managed to write the book as well as generate a lot of new business. The next two months are very busy with speaking events, training and coaching all over the country. My new Mental Resilience Platinum Programme is being very well received and has great potential.

Above and beyond

There are times in life when something happens which makes you smile. Something like this happened last weekend when Julie and I went to pick up our pizza from our local pizza takeaway. We had ordered the pizza for 8pm and duly arrived at 7.55 to pick it up. Being a bit early we were happy to wait for 5 min but when 10 min went by we were wondering why it was taking a bit longer than expected.

This famous chain prides itself on good service and the screen showed that our pizza was ready. We asked if everything was ok and they said that it wouldn’t be long. We waited a further 5 min then asked again. They finally admitted that the pizza wasn’t in the system and something had gone wrong. They couldn’t explain why this had happened and offered us a free coke as we waited for our pizza.

Great response

These days I have my inner Chimp under control so I calmly asked to see the manager Richard who came over and apologised for the mix up and offered us a full refund for our inconvenience. This was a great gesture and one we happily accepted. Then he did something which blew me away.

While I had been waiting for the pizza Julie had popped across the road to the chip shop for a bag of our favourite chips (I know what you are thinking about healthy eating, but we do eat healthily 90% of the week so this was our Chimp treat). I had mentioned that our chips were getting cold to Richard and thought no more about it.

When the chips are down

When our pizza came out Richard handed it to us together with a large portion of hot fresh chips. He had sent one of his staff out to fetch the chips as ours were now cold – what a gesture above and beyond our expectation. You can guess that we have told a few people about this and we certainly enjoyed the pizza and chips more than usual that night.

So well done Richard manager of Domino’s pizza in Heanor Derbyshire you handled the situation so well that I have felt good about it all week and guess what we are having tonight for our treat? Because of the way he handled this situation we are still happy customers.

This week I am in Surrey for a couple of days training teachers from two private schools in Mental Resilience, and then coaching in Buxton, finally Julie and I have a trip to London for a boat party on the Thames this Friday night. This is a client of mine and there will be 300 guests enjoying food and drinks as we travel up and down the Thames at night.

Tip for the week:

Visualisation is something I have been using extensively and it has proven to be very effective in the growth of my business. I recommend that you try this and see if this can help you achieve more in your life.

  1. When you visualise you have to see yourself having achieved the outcome you want
  2. If it is a meeting, a presentation or interview you need to see yourself doing well
  3. See yourself confident, relaxed, animated and doing really well
  4. See the people you are speaking to really engaged and positive
  5. See this in colour with sounds, touch, and as a moving picture
  6. Experience the feeling you feel as you visualise

Jack Nicklaus – the best golfer to ever play the game – never hit a shot without first ‘seeing it like a colour movie in his mind.’

Do this before any pressure situations and you will find that you perform much better. Full details of this technique are in my new book ‘Off the Wall’ in the chapter on visualisation. The other 17 chapters cover all the key pillars to build mental resilience.

Well that’s it for now so until next week have a great weekend and stay positive.

Warm regards


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