Helping People Brings Great Fulfilment

I read this recently in Word for Today and I never knew that the Nobel Peace Prize was established in this way.  
Alfred Noble
“Helping people brings great fulfilment. When you spend your day serving others, you can lay your head down at night and sleep soundly.
And even if you have spent much of your life chasing selfish gain, it’s not too late to have a change of heart.
Even Charles Dickens’ Scrooge discovered you can turn your life around and make a difference for others.
That’s what Alfred Nobel did. He was shocked when he saw his obituary in a newspaper. (His brother had died, and the editor mistakenly named Alfred instead in an uncomplimentary statement, because the explosives his company produced and profited from had killed many people.)
So, Nobel vowed to spend the rest of his life promoting peace and acknowledging contributions to humanity. That’s how the Nobel Prizes came into being!
When you get outside of yourself and make a contribution to others, you really begin to live.
Unselfishness is its own reward; it’s not dependent on the response of others. When you see a four-year-old, you expect selfishness. But when you see it in a forty-year-old, it’s not very attractive, is it?
Of all the qualities you can pursue, unselfishness seems to make the biggest difference towards cultivating other virtues. Yes, it goes against the grain of human nature. But if you can learn to think unselfishly and become a giver, it becomes easier to develop other virtues, such as gratitude, love, respect, patience, and discipline.”
One of the ways to true happiness
I ran some Masterclasses this week in Kettering and in those I mentioned that one of the true ways to happiness is to help other people without receiving anything in return. If you get paid or rewarded in some way it doesn’t work.
Over the past few years, I have spent more time thinking about life and why we are here and what we can do while we are here. We don’t have long and in a blink of an eye we will be gone. So, while we are here and still able to function then I think helping others is a beautiful way to live.
Sometimes I think that helping others for no return is selfish because the feelings I receive are so unique that in fact there is something I receive when I go out of my way to help someone. I don’t talk about who I help or what I do but just enjoying that unique feeling is enough.
It does take some time but it’s worth it
We don’t have space in our daily lives to do this all the time but helping someone from time to time is special and really does have a huge impact on the person you are blessing. You will never know what long lasting impact one simple act of kindness can have on someone’s life.
You could step in at just the right moment when someone was bereft of hope and was giving up on life. It can be that important, but you will never know.
It must be a gesture of true love for someone where the motive is pure, and the intention is simply to help them. It could be a listening ear, a lift in your car, a word of encouragement, help with some shopping, some financial aid, giving up your time to be with someone in need or just being there.
These feelings are unique
You cannot replicate the feelings you receive by helping someone in any other way. These feelings are unique and precious and give you peace and joy in your heart. I am sure that you are already doing this from time to time and I congratulate you on this.
Today I am just encouraging you to think of someone right now who you know is struggling a bit and do something for them. When you have done something out of pure love then observe how you feel afterwards and how you sleep that night.
It really is a lovely way to live, and you end up living a rich, peaceful, content life where things just seem to work out in your own life better than before.
Thoughts for the week. 

  1. Can you think of one person who is struggling a bit?
  2. Can you think of something you could do to help in any way?
  3. It could be a visit, a call, some money, or a bit of shopping.
  4. This week think about this and when you have done something observe how you feel.

Well that’s it for this week, have a wonderful weekend and be joyful.
Warm regards


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