How COVID-19 Propelled My Business Forward

The COVID-19 pandemic had a profound impact on individuals, communities, and societies worldwide. It caused millions of infections and deaths, overwhelming healthcare systems and highlighting the importance of public health infrastructure.
Lockdowns and restrictions led to economic downturns, job losses, and increased inequality, particularly in the travel, hospitality, and retail sectors. Education faced closures and a shift towards remote learning, revealing the digital divide among students.
Mental health suffered due to isolation, anxiety, and disrupted routines, necessitating access to mental healthcare.
Social connections were strained as physical distancing limited interactions, resulting in loneliness and isolation. The travel and tourism industry experienced significant losses due to travel restrictions and cancellations.
On a positive note, the pandemic drove scientific advancements. Researchers and scientists around the world collaborated on an unprecedented scale, leading to the development of vaccines, treatments, and diagnostic tools in record time. This global scientific cooperation highlighted the importance of research and innovation in addressing public health crises.
There were some positives
The final paragraph sheds light on a positive aspect despite the devastating impact of the pandemic. It highlights my belief that within every negative situation lies a seed of something positive, and with a determined search, it can be discovered.
Even amidst the darkest times, there are glimmers of hope and opportunities for growth. It is through our unwavering perseverance and resilience that we uncover these hidden gems. By acknowledging the existence of positive elements, we can find strength and motivation to navigate through challenges and emerge stronger.
The Reframe technique
This lies at the heart of why I am living a happier life than ever before. This newfound happiness comes from understanding that a fulfilling life doesn’t come from avoiding challenges, but from actively seeking and embracing positive opportunities for growth that are present in every experience.
This shift in mindset has freed me from negativity and helps me face life’s ups and downs with resilience, knowing that there is always room for improvement and happiness.
I realized the power of this reframing principle when I made a conscious effort to find a silver lining every time something went wrong. Although it was challenging initially, it gradually became easier and eventually became second nature.
Now, I no longer have to consciously think about it, as my mind automatically seeks out the positive aspects of any situation.
Once I firmly find the positive, it pushes me ahead with the understanding that something good has come out of the negative experience. This change in how I think completely transforms how I see things, filling me with fresh energy and a stronger feeling of positivity.
Covid changed my entire business
The impact of Covid on my business was profound. In March 2020, I was experiencing my most successful year yet, with bookings scheduled for over six months, including international clients. However, within just three days, every single booking was cancelled.
It was a devastating blow that left me feeling both traumatized and demoralized, a sentiment shared by countless others worldwide. At 66 years of age and receiving my state pension, I briefly considered retiring. Yet, I ultimately decided to take two crucial actions.
Firstly, I dedicated myself to writing a second book, which turned out to be a tremendous success. Secondly, I adapted my full-day Mental Resilience Masterclass into three separate one-hour online sessions, which I actively promoted.
Things started to improve
Gradually, business started to pick up as companies from all over the world expressed interest. They appreciated the shorter sessions, allowing their employees to participate without disrupting their entire workday. I developed Action Plans for each Masterclass, enabling them to integrate mental resilience-building and stress-reducing techniques into their daily routines.
Working with esteemed clients like Rolls Royce, Siemens, and NSG Pilkington Glass, both in the UK and internationally, has been a pleasure. What amazes me the most is that these condensed sessions have proven to be more effective, with outstanding feedback.
Thus, Covid-19 unexpectedly revitalized my business and transformed my life. While it may be easy for me to find these positives in such a situation, I firmly believe that there is always a seed of something positive in every negative circumstance, if we are willing to seek it.
By reframing the event and focusing on the positive, we can alter our perspective and view the situation in a more favourable light going forward.
Positive reframe benefits
Utilizing the positive reframe technique, which involves finding the silver lining or identifying potential opportunities within a challenging situation, can offer several benefits:
Improved resilience: The positive reframe technique helps build resilience by shifting the focus from negative aspects to positive aspects of a situation. It enables individuals to find strength, hope, and motivation to overcome obstacles and bounce back from setbacks.
Enhanced well-being: By actively seeking and focusing on the positive aspects of a situation, individuals can experience increased feelings of happiness, contentment, and gratitude. This positive mindset can contribute to overall well-being and a more positive outlook on life.
Stress reduction: The positive reframe technique can help individuals manage stress more effectively. By reframing a situation to highlight positive elements, individuals may experience reduced anxiety and tension, leading to improved stress management and coping abilities.
Optimistic mindset: Embracing the positive reframe technique fosters an optimistic mindset. Individuals become more inclined to see possibilities, believe in their abilities, and approach challenges with a proactive and solution-oriented attitude.
Improved problem-solving: The positive reframe technique can enhance problem-solving skills by encouraging individuals to focus on potential solutions and opportunities rather than being hindered by obstacles. This shift in perspective can lead to more creative and effective problem-solving strategies.
Personal growth and development: The positive reframe technique fosters personal growth by encouraging individuals to embrace challenges as learning opportunities. It promotes a mindset of continuous improvement, self-reflection, and self-belief, leading to personal development and self-empowerment.
Thoughts for the week 

  1. This week focuses on fostering a positive outlook.
  2. It’s about discovering something good in every challenging circumstance.
  3. As you progress through this week when faced with a setback, strive to find a positive aspect within that situation.
  4. Initially, it may be challenging, but with consistent practice, you will naturally develop this ability, leading to the rewards of this newfound habit. 

Well, that’s it for this week, have a wonderful weekend and keep believing.
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