It’s Not What Happens – It’s How You Respond!

It has been another productive week with a great afternoon spent with the Post Graduate Students from Nottingham Trent University where I shared some powerful techniques to help them perform better under pressure. The feedback to this session was amazing.

I also had the privilege to speak at the Boots Wellbeing conference held in Nottingham. This was booked by Champions Speakers who I have a long-standing relationship with and I have presented awards on their behalf at the Nottingham Sports Awards each year based on my status as an ex England Basketball International.

A great conference

This conference put on by Boots was a great event and it follows a trend that I am observing across the world regarding staff wellbeing and mental health. Organisations across the world are identifying the need to address the serious impact of stress and the direct effect is has on mental health in the workplace.

They are seeing the benefit of action taken to prevent the effects of stress becoming too much for individuals which results in sickness and absenteeism. What I deliver changes the way people respond to stress and gives them the ability to reframe their thinking and see the positives in negative situations.

Amazing feedback

It gives me great pleasure to read the feedback forms I receive from many events I speak at and see what a profound effect my words are having on people attending. I am often brought to tears reading how much the session has impacted individuals.

One of the key things I promote is my belief that you can choose how you respond to most things which hit you on a daily basis. “It’s not what happens to you which counts but how you respond.”

I came across this story about the need for struggle and pressure in life to become stronger:

The Butterfly and the Cocoon

“One day a small gap appeared in the cocoon, through which the butterfly had to appear. A boy, who accidentally passed by, stopped and watched how the butterfly was trying to get out of the cocoon.

It took a lot of time, the butterfly was trying very hard, and the gap was as little as before. It seemed that the power would leave the butterfly soon.

The boy decided to help the butterfly. He took a penknife and cut the cocoon. The butterfly immediately got out, but its body was weak and feeble, and the wings were barely moving.

The boy continued to watch the butterfly, thinking that now its wings would spread, and it would fly. However, that did not happen. The rest of its life the butterfly had to drag its weak body and wings that weren’t spread.

It was unable to fly because the boy did not realize that an effort to enter through the narrow gap of the cocoon was necessary for the butterfly, so that the life-giving fluid would move from the body to the butterfly’s wings and that the butterfly could fly.

Life forced the butterfly to leave its shell hardly so that it would become stronger and would be able to grow and develop.
If we were allowed to live without meeting difficulties, we would not be viable. Life gives us challenges to make us stronger.

Next time you are faced with a challenge, will you let the water sink your ship?  Or will you let the water carry you to new destinations?”

Some pressure is good for us

I believe that the only way we grow in comfort zone and character is when we are under pressure. When things are going well, we rest and recover and that is very important. But when the pressure in on – we grow.

So, I embrace pressure because when I have come through that time of pressure I can look back and see how much I have grown and that excites me. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than relaxing at home knowing I have grown that day.

Thoughts for the week

  1. How do you view pressure – do you see it as positive or negative?
  2. This week when you get home each night look back on the day and see how you reacted to pressure.
  3. Did you embrace it or did you despise it?
  4. Pressure makes us stronger and better – think about this and see what observations you make.

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Well that’s it for this week have a wonderful weekend and keep Believing.

Warm regards


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